Danamon Launches “Danamon Hadiah Beruntun”; Research Reveals Strong Public Interest in High-Chance Prize Draw Programs

Jakarta, June 16, 2023 - PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) proudly presents the innovative savings program "Danamon Hadiah Beruntun" which will run until September 2023. This program is Danamon's latest initiative aimed at providing customers with greater winning opportunities and multiple chances to win.

Danamon Hadiah Beruntun is also part of Danamon's commitment to being a customer-centric organization and the preferred bank for Indonesians. To fulfill this commitment, Danamon recognizes the importance of always listening to customer feedback and preferences regarding desired services and products. Additionally, Danamon continuously strives to find ways to grow together with its customers.

This is evident through the collaboration between Danamon and Jakpat, a pioneer in online market research with a one-stop service for all research needs. Danamon and Jakpat conducted a special survey on the theme of "Prize Draw Programs conducted by banks," targeting over a thousand respondents from across Indonesia.

Ivan Jaya, Consumer Funding Business Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk, stated that the research results revealed a diverse range of preferences among respondents regarding participation in prize draw programs conducted by banks.  

"The majority of the respondents shared similar preferences when choosing prize draw programs offered by banks. Around 54% of the respondents preferred prize draw programs with high frequency, while 48% favor direct rewards in the form of cashback and regional-based draws. Therefore, we understand that the majority of respondents opt for a prize draw program that offers higher chances of winning," explained Ivan.

Ivan also added that these research findings served as the foundation for the introduction of the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program, as part of Danamon's customer-centric approach.

"Danamon deeply cares about its customers, which is why we have introduced the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program. It is a manifestation of our commitment and genuine response to customer opinions, offering financial solutions and programs that align with their preferences and needs," stated Ivan.

Danamon Hadiah Beruntun is a unique and distinct savings program unlike any other seen before. Through the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program, every customer has the opportunity to win attractive prizes repeatedly. These prizes include monthly direct rewards such as cashback, quarterly draws held in 12 different regions, and grand prizes such as a Tesla Model 3 and a Mercedes-Benz C 200, which will be drawn at the end of the program period.

Danamon's Strategy for Continued Growth in Consumer Banking

On the other hand, Ivan also highlighted that the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program serves as a strategic step for Danamon to increase its Current Account Savings Account (CASA) ratio. This is done to support the achievement of a more competitive loan interest rate and optimal Net Interest Margin (NIM). Danamon focuses on efforts to grow the number of customers and the volume of savings, with a specific emphasis on CASA. This is because a higher level of CASA enhances performance potential and reduces the Cost of Fund (CoF), making the bank more competitive in providing loans with lower interest rates.

Within the framework of its long-term growth strategy, Danamon prioritizes organic and sustainable growth of its Consumer Banking customer base. Essentially, the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program is part of Danamon business plan to foster organic growth in Consumer Banking. The Consumer Banking business is one of the avenues for Danamon's growth efforts. Ivan revealed that organic growth in Consumer Loans recorded a 24% year-on-year (YoY) increase in the first quarter of 2023.

On the other hand, Danamon is also open to opportunities for inorganic growth, as demonstrated by the recent acquisition of the Conventional Retail Portfolio of Standard Chartered Bank Indonesia (SCBI).

Furthermore, Danamon's strategy for continuously expanding its customer base involves sustained investment in branding, human resources development, information technology infrastructure, and building customer trust in Danamon. Investment efforts also include transformation initiatives for several Danamon branch offices across different cities and regions.

“Through sustainable growth in Consumer Banking, Danamon aims to fulfill its aspiration of growing together with our customers by providing various financial solutions that are suitable for every stage of their lives," stated Ivan.

How to Win Multiple Times in the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun Program

To participate in the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program, customers or prospective customers need to accumulate drawing points by increasing their savings balance and conducting more transactions. Here are several ways for customers to earn points:

  • Main Method: Increase the average 3-month savings balance by IDR 25 million: 25 drawing numbers (applies in multiples).
  • Additional methods:
    • Activate the D-Bank PRO Mobile Banking Application to earn 5 drawing numbers
    • Open a TD Online account through the D-Bank PRO Mobile Banking Application to earn 5 drawing numbers per transaction
    • Perform FX Online transactions through the D-Bank PRO Mobile Banking Application to earn 5 drawing numbers per transaction
    • Conduct transactions with the Debit Card to earn 1 drawing number per transaction
    • Perform transactions (Payment/Top-Up/QRIS/Purchase) through the D-Bank PRO Mobile Banking Application to earn 1 drawing number per transaction.

The prizes offered by the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program are divided into three categories:

  • Monthly Direct Rewards: In this category, each customer will receive a direct reward in their savings account, in the form of cashback up to IDR 25 million every month.
  • Quarterly Rewards: Every three months, prize winners will be drawn in 12 different regions. Customers have the opportunity to win 48 units of Innova Zenix Hybrid, 48 units of Xpander Exceed, 3,600 grams of Gold Bars, and 720 Shopping Vouchers.
  • Grand Prize: At the end of the program period, customers have the chance to win 1 Tesla Model 3, 2 Mercedes-Benz C 200, Gold Bars, and Shopping Vouchers.

Danamon hopes that the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program receives a positive response and addresses the public's preference for a lottery program that offers higher chances of winning. "Let's win together with Danamon through the Danamon Hadiah Beruntun program, #SemuaBisaMenang and #MenangBerkaliKali," concluded Ivan.

For more information, please visit the official Danamon Hadiah Beruntun website through the following link: http://bdi.co.id/hadiahberuntun.




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