D-Point is a point reward program for all banking activities conducted by the customer. It is a loyalty program launched by Danamon to reward the customer’s loyalty. The D-Point accumulation and calculation is conducted automatically by the system based on the banking activities of the customer through various products of Danamon, which is calculated with point matrix set by the Danamon.Customer can accumulate points earned through several products if the products registered under a siAngle customer identification number. The earned D-Point can be directly redeemed with various prizes or merchandises through various redemption channels provided by Bank Danamon, including https://www.danamonline.com

The benefits of D-Point:

  • Easy and integrated D-Point accumulation that can be earned through:
  • Any purchasing transaction using Danamon Debit Card
  • Disbursement of Non-collateral loan/personal loan or Housing Loan (KPR)
  • Financial transaction through e-Channel (D-Mobile, Danamon Online Banking, and Danamon SMS Banking)
  • Purchase of Bancassurance or Mutual Fund products
  • Disbursement of SME/Business loan products

Flexible point redemption through various channels as follow:

  • D-Point redemption website on https://www.danamononline.com
  • Hello Danamon Customer Care on 1-500-090 or,
  • EDC partner merchants with wide network

Various attractive reward categories as follow:

  • Travel, rewards category related to travel such as flight tickets from over 9000 airlines, reservation at over 450.000 hotels, car rental in over 150 cities, etc.
  • Non-Travel, rewards category in the form of goods/ services such as gadgets, electronic, home appliance, merchandise MU, fee waiver, magazines/TV services, etc.
  • Voucher, a specific category in the form of physical or electronic voucher such as shopping vouchers, hotel vouchers, pulses vouchers and other vouchers.

D-Point has a maximum of 3 years validity period since it was generated or migrated/converted or until the specified time limit of the program

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