D-Point Terms and Condition


  1. Bank is PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia, Tbk. located in Jakarta and act through branch offices across Indonesia.
  2. Customer is individual who owns an account at the Bank and/or uses any banking facility/service provided by the Bank.
  3. Account is Customer’s deposit in the form of Current Account, Savings, Time Deposit and/or other comparable forms, both the existing and the one(s) he/she will open in the future.
  4. CIF (Customer Indentification File) is customer identification number issued by the Bank to identify each customer.
  5. Danamon Online Banking is Banking Information and Transaction Service provided by the Bank 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be accessed by Customers via Internet (https://www.danamonline.com).
  6. OTP (One Time Password) is Private Token Code generated by Token Generator or sent via SMS to access Danamon Online Banking to resume transactions that require Private Token Code.
  7. Hello Danamon is a working unit authorized to provide Banking Information and Transaction Service  (non-cash), both financial and non-financial, provided by the Bank to Customers via phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  8. D-Point is point reward acquired by Customers through transactions/banking activities specified by the Bank. The system will calculate and collect points from several Bank’s activities/products owned by a Customer if the products are registered under a single customer identification number. Collected points can be exchanged with various prizes or merchandises through point exchange channels provided by the Bank.



  1. Registration is unnecessary. Customers who still own individual account in the Bank are automatically enrolled in the program.
  2. Participation starts upon the launch of the program or when the customer joins the Bank through its products.
  3. To collect points, customers are required to fulfill certain requirements such as opening an account, conducting transactions, increasing account balance and/or other requirements.
  4. Participation in the program will be automatically terminated if a customer no longer has an account in the Bank and/or is disqualified from collecting or exchanging the points due to deceit or other violations. In that regard, the Bank has the right to revoke the customer’s participation in the program.



The program starts on 1 February 2017. As for Danamon Debit Card holders who have collected reward points prior to the launch, they will be automatically enrolled in the program. Their points will be transferred and the calculation process will resume according to the terms and conditions.



  1. Provisions in the program do not change the provisions of banking activities in the Bank.
  2. Banking activities performed by Customers to collect points will follow the provisions that apply to those activities, e.g. the rules of opening an account, deposit and withdrawal, payment and purchase, e-channel registry, loan application, etc.
  3. Customers must comply with terms and conditions for banking activities set by the Bank, including existing banking regulations.



List of product criteria as a reference in calculating points for the program:

  1. Debit Card
  2. Personal Loan  (KTA)
  3. Housing Loan (KPR)
  4. E-Channel (ATM, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS Banking)
  5. Bancassurance (Insurance)
  6. Mutual Fund
  7. SME/ Business Product



The following is the basic point calculation matrix:  


Type of Transaction/ Activity


Debit Card

Minimum of Rp 7,500 purchasing transaction via POS

1 D-points

E – Channel

Minimum of 5 transactions per month

250 D-points

Danamon Online Banking/D-Bank registration and immediately conducting a transaction in the same month

500 bonus D-points

HousingLoan (KPR)

Disbursement for minimum Rp500 million of housing loan. Points calculated based on Rp1,000,000 multiplication

10 D-points

PersonalLoan/Non-Collateral Loan (KTA)

Disbursement only for minimum Rp25 million of non-collateral loan. Points calculated based on Rp1,000,000 multiplication

50 D-points

Proteksi Prima Maxiplus Insurance

Purchase of insurance with minimum premium of Rp100 million. Points calculated based on Rp1,000,000

100 D-points

Proteksi Prima Rencana Optima Insurance

Proteksi Prima Rencana Absolut Insurance

Proteksi Prima Emas Insurance

Purchase of insurance with minimum annual premium equivalent (APE) premium of Rp100 million. Points calculated based on Rp1,000,000

1.000 D-points

Primajaga Insurance

Proteksi Prima Amanah Insurance

Purchase of insurance with minimum premium of Rp200,000. Points calculated based on Rp1,000 multiplication

1.25 D-points

Mutual Fund

Mnimum Rp1 million inmutual fund transaction. Not applicable for money market & bond mutual fund products

20 D-points

SME/Business Products:

- Overdraft Facility

- Term Installment Loan

-Demand Loan

Disbursement for minimum Rp500 million of SME/Business loan.Points calculated based on Rp1,000,000 multiplication

25 D-points

Simulation A

  • Debit transaction Rp1,299,500 = 519 D-points
  • Primajaga premium Rp500,000 = 625D-points
  • Total Points = 1,144 D-points

Simulation B

  • Online Banking Registration & payment transaction in the same month = 500 D-points
  • KTA  disbursement Rp50 million = 2,500 D-points
  • Total Points = 3,000 D-points

The Bank’s calculation is considered valid if there is a difference of point calculation between the Customer’s calculation with the Bank’s system.



Points can be redeemed through following channels:

A.Website www.danamonline.com

Redemption for all reward categories are applicable on the website. Rewards can be delivered to address registered on the system or to other addresses.

B.Hello Danamon

  • Hello Danamon only offers non-travel category redemption (such as products/vouchers or fee waiver).  Rewards can only be delivered to address registered on the system.
  • Point redemption process will be assisted by a third party/vendor. The vendor is responsible for the availability and delivery of the rewards.
  • Customers will be notified through email that has been registered on the Bank’s system for each point redemption transaction. Customers who have not register their email on the system will not receive any notification.
  • Customers will receive an OTP code on their mobile phone number for redemption transaction via website & Hello Danamon. Customers who have not registered a valid contact number on the Bank’s system will not receive the OTP code.
  • Specifically for point redemption through Hello Danamon, a 2,500 D-point fee will be charged for each redemption transaction up to 100,000 D-points, while redemption transactions exceeding 100,000 D-points will be charged 5,000 D-points.
  • The points that has been redeemed can not be cancelled, unless bank or vendor can not fulfill delivery items/ service that be redeemed. In this case, bank will refund the points that has been redeemed



  1. Travel, lodging categories related to travel such as plane tickets, hotel, car rental, and others.
  2. Non-Travel, reward categories of goods/services such as gadgets, electronic, home appliance, MU merchandise, fee waiver, magazine/TV services, and others..
  3. Voucher, specific categories of physical or electronic vouchers like shopping, hotel, mobile phone credit vouchers, and others.

The reward categories and types are subject to change at any time depending on the availability of the goods/services. The Bank is entitled to change the list of reward categories and types depending on the availability of the goods/services. The changes will be informed through the media provided by the Bank.



  1. The point’s expiration is valid for 3 years after the points are generated or migrated/ converted or until the specified time limit of the program.
  2. The points that are not redeemed within 3 years will be forfeited.
  3. If the Customer closes all accounts in Danamon, all points accumulated will be forfeited even if the points expiration has not reached 3 years.



  1. All complaints can be submitted via Hello Danamon 1 500 090 that will be accommodated by the Bank.
  2. In the event of unavailable reward supply/providers of the goods/services, the Bank will notify the Customer. The redeemed points will be returned/canceled by the Bank and the Customer may exchange the points with available rewards.
  3. The quality of goods/services is the responsibility of providers of the goods/services. In the event of any complaints about the quality of the goods, the complaints may be submitted directly to the providers.
  4. The complaints can be submitted no later than two (2) weeks from the point redemption. The complaints submitted after two (2) weeks will not be followed up by the Bank.



  1. For details of the program, please visit www.danamonline.com or call Hello Danamon 1 500 090.
  2. These terms and conditions constitute an inseparable unity with all the provisions and information provided by the Bank, through but not limited to letters, brochures, posters, and other media.
  3. Changes to the terms and conditions will be informed by the Bank within seven (7) working days prior to the effective date applicable to the Customer through a branch or other media owned by the Bank.
  4. The points that have converted/exchanged can not be canceled.
  5. The selected reward is non refundable or redeemable for cash or other prizes.
  6. The terms and conditions of the product and/or transaction and/or other that are not specified in these terms and conditions shall follow the terms and conditions applicable to each product/transaction.