Customer Education

As technology advances, banking crimes has evolved to include various types of modes and motives, such as phishing, malware, SIM swap, skimming, phone fraud, and crimes with abuse of authority. These practices will undermine and harm customers. Thus, we encourage our customers to always be vigilant and careful when performing financial transactions.

Now, it’s time to take control of our banking security by conducting all our banking activities in a secure and convenient manner, anytime, anywhere through  Danamon Online Banking,D-BankD-CardSMS BankingDanamon ATM and Danamon Credit Card. 

Please refer to the following 5 Tips to keep your transaction secured:

  1. Prior to signing a document, make sure that all fields are correctly filled with your data
  2. Never deposit your cash, cheque or savings account to Danamon’s employee
  3. Keep your Danamon’s card carefully
  4. Never share your PIN, User ID and Password to anyone, including to Bank Danamon’s personnel
  5. Check your financial statement regularly
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