Yusuf Nawawi
Independent Party
Indonesian citizen. Domiciled in Indonesia. Has served as In depen dent Party and member of Audit Committee and Risk Monitoring Committee of Danamon since 2014.

Qualifications/Education Background

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of in Economy from the University of Sriwijaya (1983) and Master of Business Administration from Weatherhea d School of Management, Case Western Reserve University USA (1994).

Work Experience

2015 - present : Member/Independent Party in PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk
2010 - 2014 : President Director of BRI Pension Fund
2006 - 2010 : Head of Education and Training Division of BRI
2004 - 2006 : Head of Micro Banking BRI
2001 - 2004 : Director, International Visitors Program
1978 - 1984 : Staff at the Directorate General of Budget, Department of Finance of RI

Roles and Responsibilities

Appointed as Independent Party/ Independent Member of the Au dit Committee and the Risk Monitoring Committee.