Noriaki Goto*
Japan Citizen. Age 57 years. Domiciled in Singapore.

Qualifications/ Education Background

Noriaki Goto obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Law, School of Law at Waseda University in 1985 and Master of Business Administration, School of Business at University of Chicago in 1991.

Work Experiences

Goto is a seosoned Banker with an extensive experiences in the banking industry. He started his career with MUFG in 1985 and his excellent performance helped him climbed the corportate ladder steadily and earned him several important positions. He became the Deputy General Manager Compliance Division for the Americas (2008-2009, New York) and SVP & Deputy General Manager Planning Division for the Americas (2009-2010, New York) at MUFG Bank. Goto was the Executive Officer & General Manager in charge of Strategic Alliance (2009-2010, New York) and Corporate Governance (2009-2012, New York) at MUFG Inc. During 2011-2013, Goto also served as the Chiefof Staff for the CEO for the Americas to manage the operations of MUFG Americas Holdings, the businesses & strategy, and collaboration of MUFG's HQA, Americas Holding and Union Bank.

Goto returned to MUFG Tokyo and held the position of Executive Officer and General Manager Global Planning Division (2013) and was assigned as President and CEO of Bank of Ayudhya Limited/Kungsri Bank Bangkok (2014 – May 2019). Currently, he is the Regional Executive for Asia & Senior Managing Executive Officer, MUFG Bank based in Singapore.

*subject to fit and proper test approval from Financial Services Authority (OJK)