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Kenichi Yamato
President Commissioner
Japanese Citizen. 54 years old. Domiciled in Japan. Appointed as President Commissioner of Danamon at the AGMS on 25 March 2022.

Education Background

BA Degree in Economics from the University of Tokyo.

Working Experience

Kenichi Yamato is a seasoned banker with more than 30 years of extensive experience in the banking and financial industry. Mr. Yamato has held a series of leadership positions both in Japan and overseas. 

Mr. Yamato is the Managing Executive Officer of MUFG Bank. He is also Chief Executive of the Bank’s Global Commercial Banking (GCB) Business Unit and Deputy Chief Operating Officer – International (COO-I). As GCB Head, he is responsible for generating greater synergies among MUFG’s strategic partner banks. As Deputy COO-I, he also oversees the safety and soundness of the Bank’s global business and operating platforms in the Asia region.

Mr. Yamato served as President of MUFG Bank (China) from August 2019 to March 2022. Previously, Mr. Yamato served as General Manager of the Hong Kong Branch of MUFG Bank and Head of the Japanese Corporate Banking Division for Asia, a position that oversees business sector in the East Asia region. Before moving to Hong Kong, Mr. Yamato was appointed Deputy Head of the Global Planning Division in Japan, which oversees development of global strategies and financial planning.

Mr. Yamato began his career in 1991 at The Bank of Tokyo, Ltd., a predecessor of MUFG Bank. Early in his career, he was based in Tokyo and New York, where he developed strong expertise in corporate and investment banking.