BOC-profile-J.B. Kristiadi
J.B. Kristiadi Pudjosukanto
Vice President Commissioner (Independent)
Indonesian citizen. Age 76. Domiciled in Indonesia. Has served as Vice President Commissioner of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk since 2005 and reappointed as Vice President Commissioner and Independent Commissioner at the Bank’s AGMS on March 23, 2020

Qualification/ Educational Background
Obtains Bachelor degree from University of Indonesia, Diploma from IIAP/ENA Paris and Certificate (short course) from Adam Smith Institute London. Obtains Ph.D (Public Administration) from Sorbonne University Paris, France.

Work Experience
Director of State Wealth Management in the Directorate General of Monetary Affairs MoF (1980-1987), Director of Budget, the Ministry of Finance (1987-1990), Chairman of the National Institute of Administration (LAN) (1990-1998), Assistant to the Coordinating Minister for Development Supervision (1999-2001), Deputy Minister for Administrative Reform (2001-2003), Secretary General of the Ministry of Communication and Information (2003-2005), Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance (2005), Chairman of Atma Jaya Foundation (Jakarta Catholic University (2006-2011), Senior Advisor to the Minister of Finance (2009-2011), Secretary Team of Tax and Customs Reform (2010), Head of The National Bureaucracy Reforms teams (until now), Commissioner in several State-Owned Enterprises, namely PT Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam (1980), Bank Dagang Negara (1982), PT Aneka Tambang (1986), Bank BNI (2005), and  PT Citra Tubindo (2010-June 2022), Professor at Padjadjaran University, Bandung, since 2007, Member of supervisory Board of Jakarta French School (Jakarta France High School) (2012), Head of Independent Panel for Public Service Innovation Competition, Menpan Decree 2021 and Member of Supervisory Board of lndonesian Climate Change Ministry of Forestry and Environment (2021).