Danamon Syariah Presents Various Interesting Products at  Indonesia Muslim Lifestyle Festival (IMLF)

Jakarta, August 25, 2023 - Danamon Syariah participated in the Halal Lifestyle event, the Indonesia Muslim Lifestyle Festival (Muslim Life Fest / IMLF) which took place on August 25-27, 2023, at the Indonesia Convention Exhibition BSD (ICE BSD). IMLF is one of the annual events held to support the development of the Islamic banking industry in Indonesia. This exhibition is also part of the road to Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) 2023 which will take place in October 2023. Acting Executive Director of the National Committee for Sharia Economics and Finance (KNEKS) Taufik Hidayat was present to give a speech and officially open the IMLF. Also attended the event, Syariah Funding Business Head of PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon), Merci Santi Adriani and Regional Corporate Officer Jakarta Danamon, Farid Munandar.

Through its participation in IMLF, Danamon Syariah once again provided the public with an understanding of Islamic banking and highlighted the strong quality and features of Danamon Syariah to meet the  community’s banking needs. Danamon Syariah believes that the development of the Islamic banking industry in Indonesia has experienced significant growth in recent years. This is in line with the increasing public awareness of Islamic values and the demand for financial products that comply with sharia principles.

“Through Muslim Life Fest 2023 exhibition at ICE BSD on August 25-27, 2023, Danamon Syariah has a strong commitment to educate the public about Islamic banking, as well as presenting innovative Islamic products that meet the needs of the community. Danamon Syariah hopes that visitors in the exhibition will be more familiar with Danamon Syariah products and understand the advantages of their features and understand that Syariah banking products are as good, modern, and complete as transactions in conventional banks," said Merci Santi Adriani, Danamon's Syariah Funding Business Head.

Danamon Syariah offered a range of its strong products and services at IMLF. One of the products offered is a savings account for Hajj, Umrah, and Qurban. By having this special savings account, Muslims can easily set aside funds to fulfill their religious obligations. In addition, Danamon Syariah also provides mobile branch services to facilitate customer needs, starting from opening a Syariah savings account,    depositing cash, and transaction services for IMLF visitors.

In addition, Danamon Syariah also offers online payment services for zakat, infaq, and waqf. With this service, Muslims can pay zakat, infaq, and waqf easily and securely through an online platform. This makes it easier for Muslims to contribute to their social and religious activities.

Another product provided by Danamon Syariah is housing and business capital financing for those who need it. This housing financing provides an opportunity for people to own a home using sharia principles. While the multipurpose business capital financing is to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses using sharia principles.

Through its participation in IMLF, Danamon Syariah not only provides qualified products and services, but also plays an active role in educating the public about Islamic banking. The public can understand the benefits and advantages of Islamic banking, as well as understand the differences between Islamic banking and conventional banking.

Islamic banking has different principles from conventional banking. In Islamic banking, all financial activities must comply with sharia principles that prohibit usury, speculation, and transactions that contain elements of uncertainty. Islamic banking products and services must also implement the principles of justice and sustainability.

"Through IMLF, Danamon Syariah hopes to increase public awareness of Islamic banking and encourage the growth of the Islamic banking industry in Indonesia. With a better understanding of Islamic banking, Danamon hopes that the public can better utilize Islamic banking products and services," Merci concluded




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