Danamon Optimal Presents Financial Solutions for the Upwardly Mobile, Young Urban Professionals to Take Control of their Finances

20 July 2020 – PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Bank Danamon) today launched Danamon Optimal, a financial solution to optimize customers’ financial needs. Danamon Optimal offers financial solutions to manage customers' wants, needs and finances.

Designed specifically for individuals in the Upwardly Mobile segment between the ages of 25 to 35 with a monthly earning of above IDR 10 Million and generally have ambitions to become successful, possess a great curiosity and are happy to follow the latest lifestyle. The launch of Danamon Optimal was carried out through a webinar organized by Bank Danamon and presenting Sheggario, contenct creator who discusses the challenges, potential, and needs of this segment, especially in managing their finances to meet life's needs, but still be able to enjoy life.

Based on 'Asia's Next Big Opportunity' survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), this upwardly mobile segment of 67 million people in Indonesia continues to grow in line with the the Indonesian economy. This individuals from this segment are still looking for the best way to plan their finances. This segment generally suffers from the “latte factor”, in which a routine small expenditure occurs regularly, but can accumulate larger over time to meet their lifestyle needs, such as buying a cup of coffee every day. Meanwhile,  they also have an obligation to fulfill financial responsibilities. Due to this pressure to balance their income expenditures between these two needs, they are often referred as the sandwich generation. This segment is projected to constitute half of Indonesia's workforce by 2025. Therefore, this segment can determine Indonesia's future level of prosperity, if they can manage their finances well.

“To provide solutions for this growing segment in managing their finances, Bank Danamon presents Danamon Optimal, which consists of products and services that cater to the needs of these individuals, both from savings, loans, to insurance, and equipped with digital services for transaction convenience. Danamon Optimal expected to be able to help customers from this segment to take control of their finances easily and wisely, " said Michellina Triwardhany, Vice President Director of Bank Danamon

Through Danamon Optimal, customers have access to a series of products designed to meet their financial needs through savings products such as Danamon Lebih, Cita2Ku Saving, and D-Save Plus which can be opened and managed through the D-Bank mobile application, loan products such as Danamon’s Credit Cards, Mortgage and Dana Instan that offer attractive interest rates and promos, and Bancassurance products that offer life and health protection at affordable premiums

These products are also equipped with Bank Danamon’s digital banking services, which consist of D-Bank application, Danamon Online Banking  internet banking, and the D-Card Mobile apps for credit card management. With the support and access to Bank Danamon’s Relationship Manager officers who can always provide the best financial solutions for those in the segment, including investment in mutual fund products and government bonds such as ORI and SUKUK that can help young generation customers diversify their financial planning.

“We also enrich Danamon Optimal with added value that is in line with the needs of the segment such as the Danamon Optimal Seminar Series, which can provide valuable insights for customers in optimizing their financial management. We will also collaborate with leading partners in the world of e-commerce and retail to present attractive promos and discounts for customers. We presents all of this to make it easier for customers to take control of their financial needs,“ added Michelinna Triwardhany.