Danamon Launches Danamon Entrepreneur Awards 2017

(Ki-ka) TM Zakir Machmud, Ph.D., Kepala UKM Center FEB Universitas Indonesia; Atria Rai, Head of Corporate Communications, Danamon; Sebastian Togelang, Founder dan Managing Director, Mountain Kejora Venture; dan Andris Wijaya, salah satu peraih penghargaan Danamon Social Entrepreneur Awards (DSEA) 2016, dalam Konferensi Pers Peluncuran Danamon Entrepreneur Awards (DEA) 2017 di Jakarta (22/9)

Jakarta, 22 September 2017. PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (Danamon) launches Danamon Entrepreneur Awards (DEA) 2017, an initiative of Danamon to appreciate the achievements of Indonesian entrepreneurs. The awarding event is part of Danamon’s 61st anniversary celebration. This year’s iteration of DEA is open for entrepreneurs in the small and medium enterprises segment and for fintech companies in Indonesia. Registration for award applicants is open through the website: www.danamonawards.org.

“We understand the importance of entrepreneurship in building a strong economy and to promote the welfare of Indonesians. Danamon Entrepreneur Awards is a concrete form of our appreciation to individuals who inspire, innovate, and share the same vision as Danamon: “We care and enable millions to prosper,” said Director of Consumer Banking, SME and Branch Network of Danamon, Michellina Triwardhany.

Danamon Entrepreneur Awards 2017 was previously known as Danamon Social Entrepreneurs Awards (DSEA) and was held by Danamon since 2006. In line with the company’s strategic priorities that focus on the small and medium enterprises (SME) segment, Danamon Entrepreneur Awards 2017 targets entrepreneurs from any field who are successful in building a business and contribute to Indonesia’s economic growth.

“Danamon Entrepreneur Awards 2017 will be divided into three categories, which are Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), Entrepreneur, Social Entrepreneur, and Fintech Entrepreneur. The selection of these categories takes into account the dynamics within the country’s economic landscape, particularly in the SME segment,” said Atria Rai, Head of Corporate Communications, Danamon and Chairperson of Danamon Entrepreneur Awards 2017.

After the last stage of assessment, there will be 5 recipients of DEA 2017, who are “The Best Small Entrepreneur” for entrepreneur with an annual revenue of IDR 500 million – IDR 5 billion, “The Best Medium Entrepreneur” for entrepreneur with an annual revenue of IDR 5 billion – IDR 50 billion, “The Best Social Entrepreneur” for Social Entrepreneur, and “The Best Fintech Entrepreneur” as well as “The Most Promising Fintech Entrepreneur” for fintech entrepreneurs.

The fintech category is added in line with the popularity of this business segment that offers financial technology services. Fintechs are able to provide convenience for the public by leveraging on the latest technology to open more access to financial services. The addition of the fintech categories is driven by the effort to boost the numbers of high quality fintechs, thusly supporting financial inclusion in Indonesia.      

As part of our commitment to corporate responsibility for our surrounding communities, Danamon also seeks “The Best Social Entrepreneur” for individuals who share the vision as Danamon. These individuals are required to provide evidence of their positive impact to the public, including raising the welfare of the surrounding communities through their entrepreneurial activities.

The variety of participants that can apply for DEA 2017 is increasing. This year, Danamon targets participants with ages between 25-50 for the SME category and 18-45 for the fintech category. This increase is based on the growing number of individuals who opted to be entrepreneurs every year. The award strives to open a wider opportunity for small and medium entrepreneurs to showcase their achievements.

To ensure objective and credible assessment, DEA 2017 features juries who are representatives of the government, regulators, academics, media and businesses.

The public can nominate oneself or others by submitting an application to Danamon Entrepreneur Awards 2017. The steps to apply include filling out a nomination form through www.danamonawards.org between 22 September 2017 – 20 Oktober 2017. The public can also participate in determining the favorite DEA 2017 recipient through a voting process via website and social media (Facebook – Bank Danamon and twitter @danamon) between 19 November 2017 – 5 Desember 2017. The awarding ceremony of Danamon Entrepreneur Awards 2017 will be held on 6 December 2017 in Jakarta.

Further information on DEA 2017 can be accessed on the official website at www.danamonawards.org, Danamon Facebook account and @danamon twitter account.


About Danamon:

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk was founded in 1956, and as of 30 June 2017 manages IDR 176 trillion in assets along with its subsidiaries, which are PT Adira Dinamika Multi Finance Tbk. (Adira Finance) and PT Asuransi Adira Dinamika (Adira Insurance). In terms of shareholding, 67.37% of Danamon shares are held by Asia Financial (Indonesia) Pte. Ltd., 6.57% by JPMCB-Franklin Templeton Investment Funds, and 26.06% by the public.

The Bank is supported by a network of more than 1,700 including conventional branches, syariah units, subsidiary outlets, Danamon’s ATMs, ATM Bersama, PRIMA, and ALTO across 34 provinces. In addition to physical network, Danamon’s services can be accessed from Danamon Online Banking, D-Mobile and D-Card mobile application, and SMS Banking. 

Danamon is the exclusive issuer of Manchester United DEBIT/ATM and Credit Cards in Indonesia, and issuer of American Express credit cards. With a wide range of financial products such as Danamon Lebih, FlexiMax, Tabungan Bisa iB, Dana Pinter 50, KAB Bisa, and Primajaga Insurance, Danamon enables customers from various segments to meet their financial needs.

Recently, the Bank received 3rd Best Overall Performance during Banking Service Excellence Awards 2017 held by Marketing Research Indonesia (MRI) dan Infobank. Internationally, Danamon and Investree received the Best Cash Management Solution Awards in the New Economic Solutions category during the Asset Triple A – Treasury, Trade, Supply Chain and Risk Management Award 2017.