5 Fun Activities for Office Christmas Celebration

Christmas season is the time being with family and relatives. Besides, celebrating Christmas with your colleagues at the office can be fun as well. Especially when you are celebrating it by doing various fun activities at the office. This excitement will be a memorable one.

We have some exciting activities that you can do together with your colleagues in your office to celebrate the warmth of Christmas. There are five fun activities you should try this when having a Christmas event at the office.

Secret Santa

The first fun events to do at the office for the Christmas celebration is Secret Santa. This is actually a game of exchanging anonymous gift with your colleagues. It means the sender will not put any clue on their gifts, making sure that the recipient will not notice where is the gift came from.

To make this game held successively there are several ways to do it. First, you need to set the price limit for the gift that will be given. Next, specify the type of gift. Mention the type of gift that is prohibited to be given to (for example alcohol). Last, make sure every colleague at your office wrap the gift with the same wrapping materials, so the gift will not look different and hard to identify. These steps will definitely set your Secret Santa well.


Competitions between divisions

There must be more than one division in an office. The divisions with each specific tasks and expertise such as finance, marketing, or IT. The meet between these division will make the Christmas celebration filled with lively atmosphere. It can’t be hurt to have a competition against another division.

The competition can consists with a series of game in order to unite colleagues from different divisions, games that require cooperation while playing it. If there are games, there will be prizes for winners and the best team. It can add more fun and motivation to do the game.


Potluck is basically a sharing-meals event. Where all of the colleagues who attend the celebration will bring exact menu to share with another people who participated in the event.

Having potluck in a Christmas celebration is a must to bring more excitement to it. You can feel the warmth and togetherness by sharing meals. It is even greater because everyone will try to serve the best dish to bring at the celebration.

Christmas-themed costume party

Christmas season mostly associated with the presence of Santa Claus, some people even dress as him. So, you can also consider a Christmas themed costume party to celebrate this season together.

It may similar to Halloween where you wear costume to a party. Instead in this occasion you can choose to do any theme or stick with the Christmas theme. This will require some rules to be agreed with your colleagues, so the costume party will be more festive.


Watch a Christmas-themed movie together

Lastly, is having a big screen at the office and watch a Christmas-themed film together. You can name more than dozens of Christmas-themed movies. It will heat up the atmosphere in your Christmas celebration by playing a movie. You can also choose a certain movie that can bring some sense of nostalgia in it, because most of the Christmas movies are films you have been watched as a kid.

It is always okay to have a Christmas celebrating with your office colleagues, because this activity will surely bring everyone together. Try some of the activities above and celebrate a merry Christmas with your loved ones. Merry Christmas!