6 Thrifty Tips for Shopping during Harbolnas

For Harbolnas (National Online Shopping Day) 11.11 there are lots of discounts and promos offered by e-commerce. People are waiting for the day to purchase some items they wanted at a lower price as they should. This is still cannot be the reason to spend your money on unnecessary items just because its price has gotten way cheaper than before. Also, it can be a momentum used by any online shop to commit fraud. Clearly no one wants this to happen to them. For a safe and thrifty way while shopping during Harbolnas you can read some tips below.

Shop at trusted sites

By now their dozens of e-commerce sites that operate in Indonesia, selling various products on the internet. These sites will definitely compete at its best in Harbolnas, giving discounts and promos for products. Before start shopping, you need to choose a site that is safe and has trusted reviews. Avoid yourself for getting fraud in Harbolnas. Some sites even cheated by raising the price from the items original price and the put discount on it as if it’s getting cheaper. Observe well through the rating and reviews for the sites you want to go shopping on.


Check the rating and reviews

Do not let the discounts or promos from certain sites lure you before you checking through its rating and review from the previous customers. Lower prices do not always define its quality, remember this. Do not hesitate to move to another site when you found out the current sites you are about to shop has poor reviews and rating. Because there’s a high possibility that the items they sell are a fake one that is why the discounts offered are higher. 

Do not be lazy to do price comparisons

To do a thrifty shopping you absolutely need to compare the prices from one to other shops for the items you want to purchase. Do this before the Habornals 11.11 to find out the right online store to shop later by choosing the best price. This is also useful for tracking any false discounts or promos by raising the price from the original price. It will go even easier if you already have a favorite and trusted site to shop. 


Set a budget plan

To avoid unexpected expenses during the Harbolnas you better make a budget plan. This way you can prevent unnecessary purchasing with all of the discounts and promos on items. Set the limit of the amount that you are able to spend at Harbolnas. Ensure this budget plan you are making does not exceed your monthly expenses. 

Buy the necessary item only

To match your financial status do buy the items that you currently need, or those are that will be needed near in the future. Set your priorities by putting the most urgent items first. If it’s still possible then you can purchase another item. For example, first, you can buy skincare products if yours have already used up, then buy your dream outfit later on. 


Choose a secure payment method

Transferred payment is considered as a safer method than payment via credit card. Avoid using your credit card to purchase things during Harbolnas will be very useful to maintain its limit on. Also note this, do not forget to save all of the proof of the payment transaction and track the delivery process after you successfully ordered the products.

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