Tips for People with UMR Salary for Home Ownership Program Approval

Almost everyone in this world would love to have their own home. However, there are a lot of things and struggling to do since the cost of property and home is not that cheap. Therefore, a lot of people prefer to apply for KPR (Kredit kepemilikan rumah) or also known as home ownership program. The problem is, getting an approval of home ownership program is not that easy. Here are some tips that you can apply so that you can get the approval of home ownership program as soon as possible. 

Have an Active Bank Account

The first strategy that you can apply in order to get the approval of home ownership program is by having an active bank account. Every people should have their own bank account so that the financial institution can detect your income to determine the amount of loan that you should pay later on. If you have a stable, normal and active bank account, your home ownership program application should be accepted as long as you have all the necessary data.


Normal Credit History

Before you get the approval to your home ownership program, you need to have a normal credit history on your bank account. It’s okay if you have credit card, as long as everything run normally. Financial institution will also look up your credit history as a consideration before they can approve your application since it can give them a glimpse whether you will be able to pay them or not later on.

Find the Information as Detailed as Possible

Prior on applying for home ownership program, you have to find out the entire necessary requirement so that you can have your application approved. Make sure you have compiled all the necessary data and files so that you can prepare it. Aside of that, you have to know the entire process of home credit application so that you won’t get confused later on. You can find this information easily by visiting your financial institution’s official website.


Prepare all the Necessary Documents

Another step that you need to do is to prepare all the necessary documents and make sure you have prepared it completely. These documents will determine whether your home ownership application will be received or not later on. Therefore, it’s better for you to prepare all the documents before applying so that your application of home ownership program can be approved easily. 

Pay Attention to your Age

Other thing that can actually determine whether your application can be accepted or not is by paying attention to your age because it can determine how long you will take the installment tenor. The best age to apply for home ownership program is below 40. Financial institutions usually will not approve your application if your age is over than 40 because it can affect the payment process. Therefore, the best age to apply for home credit program is at least 21 years old or after marriage. 
Make sure you have prepared all the necessary documents so that your application for home ownership program can be approved. You can also consider using KPR Danamon which offers you a lot of benefits such as installment tenor up to 20 years, loan up to 70% from the property cost, up to loan disbursement in 14 days. Hope it helps!