4 Ways to Avoid Wasting Shopping Money for Moms

Build up a family with your loved ones and having cute, smart and loving children may be the dream that everyone wants to achieve as soon as possible. However, when the time actually comes, sometimes not everyone can actually go through it smoothly. There are some problems that may occur later on, resulting in an uncomfortable or even an unstable household.

One of the main problem is probably caused by economical problem. Dads may be able to support all of the household activities and give it to a housemother which stays at home all the time. However, it may not easy as it looks like. As a housemother, you have to be able to arrange all the needs of your household efficiently so that your household economy can go smoothly without any problems. 

Moreover, if you already have children, money arrangement must be a quite hard thing to do. Here are some tips for you to avoid wasting shopping money for a better household and avoid economic problems for your family. 

Divide the Money by Necessity


During every start of the month, you can divide the money based on the necessities of your household. Prioritize the most important needs first such as food, electrical bills, water bills and schools payment.  And then, you can use the rest of the money to stroll around during weekends. Dividing the money you have according to the necessities will also give you a sense of carefulness to not buy anything unimportant. You can automatically be more thoughtful before spending money.

Shopping With Cash


Shopping using credit cards or e-wallet feels so comfortable and practical since you can just swipe your cards at the cashier and the payment is done. However, that will only leave you to be more wasteful easily and you don’t feel anything when you spend your money. You better use cash money because by using cash money you will have the sense of spending money. Your psychological sense is waken up so that you will think twice before spending money by using cash.

Make Shopping Lists


Before, you go shopping, make sure you have wrote notes of the things that you’re going to buy beforehand so that you will not buy unnecessary things. You will automatically be more focused during shopping and you will not waste your money for nothing. Your household will also be healthy economically.

Save the Shopping Receipts


After shopping, do not throw away your receipt. You better save those receipts and check it, did you have bought all the things you really need or you haven’t. You can also count the amount of money that you have spent at that day so that it is easier to control your money management. 

Shopping receipt is also a good way to take a look towards the difference of prices. Therefore, you can decide which one is too expensive or which one that should be avoided for the next shopping.

Those are 4 ways that you can do to avoid wasting shopping money, especially if you’re a mom which responsible for money management. You can use Tabungan Danamon LEBIH for a better experience in managing your expenses. You can also get life insurance after 6 months of signing up to Tabungan Danamon Lebih.