The Best Money Saving Tips for People with UMR Salary

Do you have saving account? Especially for people with UMR (Upah Minimum Regional) or standard minimum salary, you may think your salary is not enough for your living cost. The truth is, even though you have UMR salary, you are still able to keep your financial stability by applying these tips! 

Separate your Salary and Savings Account


One of the most crucial things that you need to apply is by separating your savings and your salary account with two different bank accounts. It will make you easier to handle everything since you can use your salary account for your daily needs, and you can fully use the other account for your savings. Make sure you use the savings account that doesn’t cut your balance or the one that cannot be withdrawed at a particular period of time so that it can give you more benefits. 

Saving up As Soon as You Received your Salary


You should get used to saving up your income as soon as you received it. Control yourself and don’t allow yourself to spending too much right after you receive your salary. You have to feel obliged to save up right after you receive your income so that you will be able to control the amount of money that you’re going to spend. This trick is very beneficial especially for you with UMR salary.

Set Aside 25% of your Income


Another trick that you can use is by setting aside 25% of your income to your savings account. You have to commit to yourself before doing this. Saving up 25% of your income will surely give you more benefits later on. Aside of that, you can imagine what you’re going to do with that money so that you can save more money wisely. By setting a purpose for your savings, it will be easier for you to commit to yourself.

Take Notes of Your Monthly Expenses

Savings up too much may make you worried. Therefore, you can start taking notes of your monthly and daily expenses and the amount of money that you need. Taking notes will make your expenses controllable and you can save the rest of the money that you didn’t use. Stop waiting to save up until the end of the month since you won’t be able to save up effectively.

Open Up a Prospective Business


If you have UMR salary, you need to appreciate yourself for all of your struggle and your self-discipline. Therefore, you can start to open up a business that might interest you such as online shop. You can start from scratch and don’t open up one big business in a rush. One small business with stable income is better than open up a big but non-profitable one. 

Those are the tips that you can apply so that you can saving up wisely with your UMR salary. You can try D-Save, which can give you a bank account without any administration cost and makes it easier for you to control it by its multiple sub-account in D-Save Plus. D-Save also has auto-debit feature which can make your saving process easier. So, what are you waiting for?