How to Arrange Financial Management for Office Outfit

Dressing up to the office is one of the most important things that you shouldn’t do recklessly. Choosing the right outfit may affect your aura and represent yourself as good as possible. No wonder, you may have to buy several various outfit to avoid boredom in your outfit. Therefore, you have to create your own financial management so that you can fulfill your necessities before buying an outfit. A good office management enables you to be more selective before doing outfit shopping. 

Shop Gradually


Sometimes, you may feel the urge of buying a lot of outfit at all once. However, you better shopping gradually by buying one outfit at a time only. You also should consider your budget before shopping an outfit and don’t let your desire of buying an outfit makes you use your saving or your allocation for other expenses. 

Mix and Match Outfit


Man’ office outfit may not as complicated as women’s. Women usually consider a lot of things before choosing an outfit to go to an office. Therefore, in order to avoid your desire to buy new outfit, you can mix and match the office clothes in your dresser and add some accessories to create a new look.

For example, you can combine plaid shirt with pencil skirt. You can also add sleeveless white dress with blazer or jacket. Black cardigan can also be a good option to be mixed with loose pants to create an office look, add high heels and handbag, and voila! You just created yourself a new outfit 

Sell Preloved Outfit


Another thing that you can do to avoid over budgeting is by selling your preloved outfit, especially the one that you don’t like anymore. Fashion world is always spinning like a wheel and changed regularly. You can sell your old-fashioned outfit that’s no longer stays on the trend and use the money to buy another new outfit.

Take a glance at your wardrobe and sort your outfit that you don’t feel like wearing it anymore in a span of a month until a year. Do not keep your old outfit for too long when you can sell it and buy a new one. You can use online preloved platforms or sell it to your friend.

Choose Wisely for Mix and Match


The last thing that you can do is by choosing every outfit that you’re going to buy wisely. Try to choose the one that’s easy to be mix and match with neutral tone or monochrome. You can have a lot of shirt with similar colors and different models so that you can mix and match it with long black jeans or trousers and blazer. 

Before choosing outfit, make sure you know how to arrange your financial management so that you won’t over budgeting. You can start from D-Save Plus from Danamon which can make you arrange your financial management easier. D-Save also offers several benefits such as free transfer cost between different financial institution and no minimum saldo. Feel free to open for further information.