5 Things to Become Smarter Customers!

Since it has been established by the government, 4th September is now commemorated by people as National Customer Day. It has stated through Presidential Decree No. 13 of 2012. Now it’s time to become a smarter customer, and here are five things you can refer to apply every day.

Compare the Products


This is quite common things to do as a first smarter step to do before purchasing products item, you should compare its prices and quality. This is very useful for you to protect yourself by avoiding financial consequences; buying the right product for its prices, quality, and customer testimonials.

Visiting online trading sites can be useful to compare products to find a suitable price for you. While comparing products better not stick only on one site. It is best to at least do a comparison on three different online sites for a better price.

Purchase Based on Needs and Financial Ability


National Customer Day may be a special day to offers a discount for the customers. That is why you can see more people who tempted and end up spending their money on things they barely need. You need to see the urge to purchase products here. For example, if you desire a new gadget but your current gadget is still fully functioned then it is not necessary to buy a new one.

Measure your financial ability right. Massive discount offers tend to make customer ignore this one thing. It is happened a lot where customers buy things triggered by emotional decision with no thorough consideration. Do not force yourself to purchase things with price higher than your ability to pay. Otherwise, it will affect your expenses.

Note the Important Dates


Make sure you have noted all the due date of the installments you have, it is our obligation as a customer to ensure the credits are pay on time. Besides, keeping track of purchasing activities, the goal is also to practice discipline in managing funds by avoiding late fees with a huge amount to pay.

Remember your responsibility to pay all of these bills you noted, and let no discounts offers tempted you to purchase unnecessary things. It is better to purchase things after you fulfill the payment and installments. Also, make sure you have prepared the funds to pay several days before the due date. There will be forfeit in every late payment, which mean it will increase the amount of money you need to pay. This is quite stressful, isn’t it?

Less Plastic When Shopping


As you probably already notice that there’s a lot of discussion regarding environmental issues that bring concern to many people. One of this is about daily plastic use to brings items when shopping. Stated by Jakarta Environment Agency and Indonesia Movement for Plastic Bags Diet as it’s reported by BBC Indonesia, this big city has a huge problem with plastic waste. It reaches 5,2 tons of consumption of plastic day per day in Jakarta.

That is a huge number of consumptions, and it certainly is very dangerous for sustainable environment. The fact that these plastic wastes will take a longer time to decomposed makes it even worse. As a smarter customer, this needs your contribution to the use of lesser plastic to help reduce the number of consumption.

Purchase Products that Fit and Give You Control


It means you need to secure yourself by purchasing only good products that have been certified as safe and permitted to sell on. For example, you better buy products with SNI label on it as a guarantee for its health and safety to customers.

Note this, the lower the price does not always mean it serves the best quality as well. So, as a smart customer, you need to observe more on the product benefits, its validity, and information on its composition if needed. Don’t let yourself fooled by the false advertisements of cheaper price.

Have you applied any of these points while shopping yet?  You should be a smarter customer by applying these points not only on National Customer Day. Instead, every time when you are about to go shopping.