Avoid these 5 Mistakes that You Could Do During Exercise

There’s an old saying that inside a healthy body, lays a strong soul. Therefore, you can do many things in order to get a healthy body by exercise or working out. However, there are a lot of mistakes that someone could do during exercise which can result as a danger to their own body. These are 5 mistakes that you should avoid during exercise.

No Warm Ups and Cool Downs


One of the most common mistakes anyone could do is to not doing any warm ups and cool downs before doing exercise or working out. Both warm ups and cool downs are very important for your body since it can helps to prepare your muscle before doing work out and increase the flexibility of your muscle as a prevention to any injury. You better do warm ups around 5-10 minutes before every exercise or work out. Warm ups also able to increase your heart performance and prepare your blood vessel to avoid cramps in any part of your body. 

Cool downs are also important for your body because it can prevent you to have cramps or muscle injury as your body temperature increased. Therefore, it’s important for you to have cool downs to decrease your body temperature. You can also do the cool downs while adjusting your breath pattern.

Non Programmed Exercise


No matter how busy life gets you, it’s important for you to exercise regularly at least once a week. According to WHO (World Health Organization), adult needs to do exercise or work out at least 150 minutes ideally. You can also split it by doing exercise 3 to 4 times a week. Without any program of exercise and work out, it can affect your health and reducing the performance of your brain in 10 days. Your body also feels weak and susceptible toward any disease.

Overdoing Work Out


Even though you have programmed your exercise, you also need to consider the time so that you won’t overdo it. Doing work out or exercise too much will also bad for your health. According to national geographic, doing exercise too much will make you easily depressed and angry more often by the release of endorphins. This can also affect your sleeping time as well as your mental health. Moreover, exercising too much will also make your body to produce cortisol too much which can affect your body metabolism. Your body will feel tired and un-energized. 



Another mistake during exercise of work out is not paying attention to the amount of water inside your body. If your body has enough water, you will feel more concentrated and energized during exercise. However, if you lack of water and dehydrated, it will affect the oxygen inside your brain as well as making you feel even more tired. One of the best ways to keep hydrated is by drinking water during exercise to fulfill the lack of water. You better drink at least a glass of water every 15 minutes, especially if you’re doing an intense workout.

Doing the Wrong Movement


Other mistake that someone often do during exercise is by doing the wrong movement during exercise, especially if you’re a beginner. For example, if you’re going to a gym, you probably don’t know what to do or which exercise to do as a start. Even though it doesn’t look that serious, but doing the wrong movement during exercise will affect your muscle and health. You could have muscle cramps or quite serious injury. Therefore, it’s important for you to always talk to the expert first before starting a new exercise or sport.

Those are the mistakes that you most likely to do without realizing it which can affect badly to your health. Try to avoid those mistakes so that your body can be healthier with the right exercise.