Tips to Buy a House Right after Marriage

Every newlyweds couple surely would love to have their own house and living by themselves. Unfortunately, some newlywed couple is still living with their parents for some reason. However, if you’re the type who doesn’t really want to depend on your parents anymore, you may follow these tips that enable you to buy a house after marriage. By applying these tips, you don’t have to feel awkward or feeling sorry for your parents since you don’t have to stay in their house anymore. 

Open up About Financial Condition


The first tip that you have to do is to know and understand each other’s financial condition. Knowing your partner’s financial condition is one of the most important things to before thinking about buying a house after your wedding. Both you and your partner have to be open up and honest about each other’s financial condition such as how much of savings that you need, how much savings that you have for investment, and is there any other assets that you both have. All of that aspect will determine the next decision regarding buying a new house after marriage. 

You also need to consider you and your partner’s current salary, is it enough for both of you to pay for the installment of the new house? If it’s not enough, you can think of creating another stream of income by open up new business. Understanding each other’s financial condition will enable both of you to give each other suggestion and support to fix your household’s financial aspect. 

Use the Money from your Wedding


Giving envelope towards the wedding couple is not a new thing in Indonesian culture. These envelopes contain money as a gift toward the newlywed as well as to celebrate their marriage. If you invited a lot of friends and colleagues, there will be a lot of money that you got as well. Therefore, you can use up this money as an addition for you and your partner to pay for the installment of the new house. If the price of a new house is around hundreds of millions rupiahs, you may have to pay around 5% to 25% from the total price of the house. 

Creating New Bank Account


Create new bank account to separate your personal household needs and the payment of house installment. By creating new bank account, you will be able to manage both better. Be consistent of saving up money for your house installment according to you and your partner’s plan beforehand. Both of you can set aside some of your salary to be transferred to this account. Separating your bank account for household needs and house installment will make it easier for you and your partner to monitor the cash flow. 

Consider Using KPR


Another option that you can choose for buying a house after marriage is by using KPR (house credit). This step is often used by newlyweds. House credit offers an affordable payment of house installment with quite a long period of time which around a couple of years. You can start to search up for the house credit options offered by bank to find the right house credit option according to your financial needs. 

Stop Eating Out


Another simple but effective tips for you and your partner that enables you to buy a new house is by cutting out your expenses, especially if you eating out regularly at a restaurant or hanging out too often.  You can reduce eating out so that you can save up some more for your house credit. Even though the budget for eating out and hanging out seems not that big, but if you do it often, in a year you may spend more than you can imagine.

Having your own house is not impossible. You can also use D-Save Plus inside D-Bank application with its features that enables you to save up regularly so that you and your partner can save up for your new house efficiently, and the dream of having a new house comes true.