Do These Sunnah Practice to Get Eid Adha’s Good Merit

Eid Adha is one of the biggest Islamic celebrations that always been anticipated by every Muslim, even though it may not be as big as Eid Mubarak. Moreover, Hajj practice is also happened during Eid Adha. Dzulhijjah is also the month of Eid Adha which offers several good merits for Muslims. Here are several Sunnah practice that you can do to give you good merit during Eid Adha.

Doing Eid Prayer Together


Eid Adha prayer is the peak of the prayer that can be done during Dzulhijjah which done every 10 Dzulhijjah. Even though this prayer is Sunnah, but this prayer is one of the most important because it gives a huge good merit for those who did it. Compared to other prayer, Eid Adha prayer is ten times bigger based on the merit.

Eid Adha prayer is done on the big fields together with other Muslims. If you do all the requirement of Eid Adha prayer such as doing Eid Adha with other Muslims and listening to ‘khutbah’ or lecture after doing Eid Adha prayer, you will also have bigger merit. After listening to Eid Adha, you can talk to other Muslims to strengthen Muslim’s solidarity and relationship.

Takbir until the Day of Tasyrik


Another Sunnah that can be done during Dzulhijjah month is to simply say Takbir. By doing so, you can add up your merit. There are two types of Takbir that you can say during Dzulhijjah. The first one is Takbir Muthlaq which can be read anywhere and anytime. The second is Takbir Muqayyad which can be read after doing Eid Adha prayer. The reading is still the same, which is “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Laa Ilaha Illallah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Wa Lillahil Hamd” 

Avoid Cutting Your Nails and Hair


For those who doing the Qurban during Eid Adha, you better follow some rules. First of all, you should intend it for Allah and not for other things. Second is to watch the process of decapitation of the qurban animal or decapitate it by yourself if you’re capable. However, if you’re unable to watch the process of the qurban decapitation since its located in different locations, it’s totally okay. The last rule is to avoid cutting your nails and hair.

Listening to the Sermon until it Finished


Another series of Sunnah practice during Dzulhijjah is doing Eid Adha’s prayer and listening to the sermon until it finished. In order to get all of the benefits, you should follow all the practice from coming to the place on time, doing the prayer and then listening to the sermon until it finished. Actually, doing Eid Prayer and listening to the sermon comes as one prayer, and if you left one of them then it’s considered as less complete.

Doing Other Sunnah Prayer


The peak of Dzulhijjah is doing Eid prayer. This prayer is the most crucial thing to do because it gives such a huge merit for Muslim. Aside of that, Eid prayer also has good traits to shed other prayer that should be done by Muslims. For example, if Eid Adha or Eid Fitr is on Friday, then Muslims is okay to not doing Friday prayer as long as they have done Eid prayer in the morning.

Walking before Doing Eid Adha Prayer


Another Sunnah practice that you can do is walking before you’re going to do Eid Adha prayer. There are so many benefits of walking since you can talk with your neighbor as well as with other fellow Muslims. Rasulullah also recommend Muslim to take a different path to go to the Eid Adha place and different path when go home so that you can meet different people on your way home.

Those are the Sunnah practice that you can do during Dzulhijjah month to get a huge merit from Allah. Dzulhijjah is a special month for Muslims and doing all of those Sunnah practice will give you so many benefits.