How to Stay Fit and Productive During Ramadan Fasting

Fasting is one of the most important spiritual journeys in all religions, especially Muslim people. However, Islam takes a specific time once a year to celebrate their holy month called Ramadan, which means they have to do the fasting for fully one month. There are a lot of benefits that can be gained from doing Ramadan fasting such as losing weight, enhance body metabolism, and manage the body’s desire from eating something. With consistency, all of those benefits will surely have a positive effect for health.

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be too hard to do the fasting smoothly. Some people may feel unproductive, bad mood, and their body become limb. Therefore, what can you do to stay fit and productive during Ramadan fasting so that your day could went smoothly as usual? Here are some tips for you.

Suhoor with the Right Menu


Before starting the day, Muslim people have to take Suhoor. Suhoor is a pre-dawn meal that everybody should take before doing fasting and its done before Subuh prayer. The main function of eating Suhoor is to give body energy from food and drink before doing all activities for the whole day. Eating suhoor is very important, especially if you’re going to have such a long day from dusk to dawn. Make sure you don’t skip your Suhoor meal.

You have to choose the right and healthy menu in order to give your body energies and productivity during fasting. Make sure your Suhoor meal contains of white rice with its carbohydrate, chicken, meat, fish or egg which contain protein, vegetables, fruits and vitamins. By fulfilling your tummy with the right menu for your body, you will surely have a comfortable fasting experience. 

Workout Right before Breaking your Fast


Doing fasting sometimes will make you feel very lazy to do any kind of workouts since you’re not be able to drink anything and you will automatically feel thirsty. However, it’s actually good to do a set of workout since it will boost your body’s metabolism, body endurance and make you lose weight.

There are some kinds of workout sets that you can do such as walking or cycling. Make sure to do other activity to train your body muscles such as pushups and sit-ups. However, not all kinds of sport are meant for people that doing fasting. You better avoid any kind of workouts or exercise that will easily decrease your stamina such as running and weightlifting.

Break the Fast with Dates and Water


People usually will eat heavy meal all at once when it’s time to breaking the fast which is actually bad for the empty stomach since it will be surprised with these heavy meal. This will make you feel uncomfortable and you won’t be able to do other activities properly afterwards.

The best way to break the fast or iftar is to simply eat dates and water. With its high fiber content, dates will enhance your digestion. Water will give you all the liquid that is needed for your dehydrated body after not drinking anything for a whole day.

Avoid Diuretic Substance


Diuretic is one of the substances that will increase your urination and will make you feel the urge to pee more often. This substance usually found in the medicine for hypertension. Consuming diuretic substance will stimulate your kidney to throw off the excessive amount of salt and water from your body so that it will produce more urine than usual.

However, you have to avoid this substances during fasting since your body will easily feel dehydrated, which means you will automatically feel weak, fatigue, and sluggish. If you’re actually in a condition that needs medical treatment which contains diuretic substances, you better consulting it to your doctor so that you can have other alternative medicine which doesn’t contain diuretic substances.

Arrange Your Sleeping Time


Fasting will changes your sleeping time since you have to wake up at pre-dawn to eat Suhoor and then go back to sleep afterwards. You can try to arrange your sleeping time to maintain your productivity before starting the day. Try to sleep more early than usual so that the sleeping time that have been reduced for eating Suhoor will not really affect your body. 
After arranging your sleeping time, you will surely have more spare time in order to keep the productivity of your body. You can use this spare time to do all the financially task using D-bank mobile application from Danamon.

Ramadan fasting probably will give you fatigue since you’re lack to consume food and drinks as usual. However, by doing those tips mentioned earlier, you will surely feel healthy, fit and more productive during your activity throughout the day. Happy Ramadan Fasting!