Tips on Saving your Budget for Iftar Invitations

Ramadan is the most anticipated month for every single Muslim in the world. This holy, sacred month is the month where all Muslims can gain multiple good merits easily. Aside from its excitement, Ramadan can also be a scary month. How so? Well, it’s because you will also have iftar invitations from colleagues, friends, and families. Therefore, this may leave you over budget. Here are some tips that you can do to avoid this to happen regarding iftar invitations during Ramadan.

Limit Your Iftar Budget


The first thing to do is by limiting your budget for iftar. Decide how much money you’re going to spend for iftar with friends. You can adjust the nominal with your budget and the locations of the iftar. Aside from that, you can decide how many iftars you will come later on so that you won’t be over budget. You can also limit to go to the same iftar twice so that you can come to your iftar with other friends. 

Don’t Hesitate to Say No


From elementary school friends, junior high, senior high up to college or university friends usually will have their own iftar together. However, you don’t have to come to every single iftar. You can choose which friends that you prefer to go, or friends that you’re comfortable with. Just don’t hesitate to say no towards iftar invitations that you don’t really want to go. 

Use the Promo at Restaurants


When its nearly Ramadan, usually restaurants always have their own promo and discounts for iftar and suhoor. You can use up all the promos with your group of friends so that you will get a cheaper price for your meals. Don’t hesitate to ask them first because, well, who doesn’t love discounts? 

Iftar at Home


Eating iftar together in one of your friends’ house is one of the best options that can tighten your friendship. You can decide whose home that able to help iftar, and you can discuss all the necessities for foods and other things or even buying raw ingredients and cook it together. These options will be cheaper than eating out in restaurants. After all, it’s the people that matter and not the place. 

Bring Your Own Takjil


Another way to save up your money is by bringing your own takjil to the iftar invitations, especially if the iftar will be held in a restaurant. You just have to pay for the main course mail and you don’t have to buy small sets of takjil.

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