Know The Best Time for Umrah

Umrah has more flexibility in the time of doing it. That is why there are a lot more people who are interested in leaving for Umrah before leaving for the Hajj. However, even though it is more flexible to do Umrah, still there’s a better time to do it. Here are some options you need to explore more.

Umrah in Ramadan


Ramadan will be the best month to leave for Umrah. Enjoying the atmosphere and tradition of fasting at the birthplace of Rasullullah SAW will give you an unforgettable experience ever. Having Ramadan while you are visiting the Holy Land will leave a pleasant memory and also, gain some special features there.

One of these features of performing the Umrah during Ramadan is gain the merit equivalent as the Hajj. No wonder there’s a lot of Muslims taking Umrah during this holy month, which also means you need to prepare way before the departure to ensure you have enough time to set everything. By early preparation, you can have cheaper cost on booking travel, accommodation, transportation and more needs.

March to May


There’s a lot of factors to consider before you choose time to leave for Umrah. One of them is comfort weather to be in Saudi Arabia pleasantly. Between March to May can be considered the best time for you then. During these months the temperature in Saudi Arabia is neither too hot nor too cold. It is comfortable weather indeed to traveling and does the religious pilgrimage.

For your information, Saudi Arabia has two seasons. They are summer from March to August and winter from September to February. You need to consider this before leaving for Umrah in other months. The Holy Land can reach up to 45 degrees Celcius at the peak of summer, while at the peak of winter the temperatures can drop to 3 degrees Celcius. That is why March to May is the best time to have transition weather with almost normal temperature.

Beginning or End of the Year

Another time you can consider to leave for Umrah is at the beginning or end of the year. In order to start the year by doing useful things, having Umrah at the beginning of the year is definitely better. Starting the year by drawing closer to Allah SWT. Being at the Holy Land in the beginning of the year also comfortable for it will be not too hot during the day, where you can pray and Tawaf comfortably.

Leaving for Umrah by the end of the year, which in December can be the best time to choose as well. Instead of spending the time to attend year-end parties, it is better to close the year by visiting the Holy Land for Umrah. Having the best time in praying and becoming a better person.

Before and After the Hajj Season

There’s one more special time to leave for Umrah. It is either before or after the Hajj season which is around the month of Shawwal to the month of Dhul-Hijah where the atmosphere at the Holy Land is quite quiet. It means you can have Umrah with less number of people visiting the Holy Land. You can do Umrah in obligatory places like Hijr Ismail or Maqam Ibrahim without jostle around with many people. 

The same things go when you decide to have Umrah right after the Hajj. When the Hajj season is over, the condition in the main places will be filled with lesser people. So you can do Umrah freely, and praying comfortably, with no worries about the hustle. 
After reading some of the best Umrah times, you can now consider what is the right time for you and start to plan for the departure. If the time is set, and you now have another fund issues, you don’t have to worry. You can open an account of Tabungan BISA Umrah iB from Bank Danamon that will help you fulfill the dream to go Umraha.

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