Differences between SMS Banking, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking

The highly advanced technology is currently impacting all of our daily activities, making it easier, such as banking service which can be used via your smartphone. There are at least three kinds of banking services in general which can be accessed through your smartphone, which are SMS banking, mobile banking and internet banking.

You can also download mobile banking application and install it on your smartphone for free, which can facilitate all of your daily activities. You don’t need to go to the branch office of the bank, no need to do queue and all the fuzz. You just need to click through your smartphone and everything is done. The easiness of mobile banking makes it popular for customers to start using it.

What are the other advantages of mobile banking? What is the difference compared to SMS banking and internet banking? Here are the complete explanations!  

SMS Bankings: Transaction via SMS


SMS Banking is one of the bank services that makes you be able to do all the transactions without having to go to teller or ATM. Some of the features that you can use are information about balance, transfer, pay electricity bills, and many more. SMS banking has some advantages than mobile banking and the internet because it doesn’t need an internet network. Therefore, for those who live in an area that doesn’t have a good internet network, SMS banking surely will be a good choice. Aside from that, you only need to send some specific codes to some number from the bank to get the service.

Similar to a normal, conventional messaging, SMS banking doesn’t need complicated steps to get the service. Therefore, your smartphone doesn’t need to be the newest one to access SMS banking. Make sure you have enough credit so that you can use this service anywhere and anytime. Your SMS banking transaction is free from any kind of internet disruption. Moreover, SMS banking also offers safety since you can delete all kinds of messages that you received from the operator.

Mobile Banking: Transaction Straight from Your Phone

Before accessing both mobile banking and SMS banking, you will need your phone as a medium to get this service. However, mobile banking offers more features that you can use. Make sure you have a stable internet connection before downloading the mobile banking application from your play store or iOS. Some providers also offer mobile banking directly on the sim card so that you don’t have to download the application all over again.

After downloading it, you have to send a message with a specific format that has been determined by your bank before accessing the application. Then, you can start creating your identity and password. The advantages of mobile banking are interesting user interface and easy access to banking features. You will get new notification about everything that happened to your bank accounts, such as money transfer, deposit, or money withdrawal. Mobile banking also offers advantages for your bank because it can reduce the cost of telebanking as well as improve the customer’s satisfaction easily. 

Internet Banking: Transaction Using Internet Network

Internet banking, also known as electronic banking, virtual banking, home banking, and cyberbanking is one of the most widely known services that has been used by so many Indonesian Banks, such as Danamon. Both mobile banking and internet banking need an internet connection to access their service. However, you can use internet banking directly from your phone without having to download it first from play store like mobile banking.

All you need to do is to open the bank sites and sign in to your account. You can access your account by sign up first in ATM using your debit card and PIN. There are various features that you can use, from balance information, account mutation, electrical bills, transfer, virtual e-commerce payment and many more. The main advantage of using internet banking is there’s no application that you need to download beforehand which may make your smartphone work slower. You only need to access the bank’s sites as long as you have an internet network.

Which One Should You Use?

Whether it’s an SMS, mobile banking or internet banking one, you can choose it according to your needs. However, if you prefer efficiency, you better use mobile banking which offers an interesting interface and easiness. D-Bank from Danamon is one of Danamon service which offers various features. D-Bank also allows you to create a new bank account using video call features without having to go to a Danamon branch office


D-Bank Mobile Banking also offers safety for your password and username, something that SMS banking doesn’t offer since you have to delete the message one by one. Aside from that, D-Bank also offers you to open a new deposit easier and allows you to withdraw your money without having to go to ATM. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create a Danamon account using D-Bank Registration and enjoy the convenient service that D-Bank offers.