Spending too much Money without realizing it? Avoid these 5 Activities!

Have you ever feel like your salary is enough but it’s often disappear by itself at the end of the month? Of course, this thing will surely bother you. One of the answer might be you have done some things that makes you spend too much money more than you should be. Therefore, in order to avoid spending too much money and avoid over budgeting, you have to know what you did which makes you spend too much. Here are some tips that you can apply.

Coffee Time


Drinking coffee is one of the most crucial and daily things for some people. It’s actually completely normal, as long as it’s not too much. However, if you buy coffee over and over again, it surely will affect you financially, especially if you buy the coffee from premium coffee shop.

Just think about it, a cup of coffee cost around Rp 20k up to Rp 50 k rupiahs. This amount may still looks acceptable, but if you do this every day, you will spend around more than Rp 100k a week. In total, you will spend up to Rp 1 million just to buy coffee, which of course will affect your financial management.

Eating Out


Aside of buying coffee, you have to reduce your budget for eating out. Sometimes, when you recently receive your salary, you will have the urge to spend it right away, especially for eating out. Eating out is totally okay and normal thing to do, but you have to consider your budget first so that you won’t spend too much money more than you should. Just think about it, eating out once will cost around Rp 50k just for one meal. Not only heavy kind of meal, but fast food snacks can also drain your salary since it’s neither cheap nor healthy.

If you’re eating out every day, and each day you eat three times, just think of how many amount that you have spent. One of the best solution for not eating out is by cooking your own meal. Not only its cost less than eating out, you can also be healthier since you know the quality of ingredients as well as the spices for your meal. Aside of that, cooking your own meal also teach you self-discipline.

Online Transportation


Nowadays, online transportation is the main choice for a lot of people in order to do their daily activities, especially in big cities with hectic and heavy traffic. However, using online transportation also affect you financially since it’s quite expensive. One of the tips that you can do to avoid spending too much money is by reducing your transportation cost. Instead of using online transportation, you can think of cheaper mass transportation such as city bus or city train. 

Using mass transportation can save you quite a lot of money, especially if the distance between your resident to your office is quite far. It’s because online transportation will cost more expensive if the distance is far. However, if your house located near the office, it’s still okay to use online transportation since the cost is relatively similar.

Buying  a New Gadget

Almost every month there always be a new version of gadget with better features and quite affordable price. However, as long as your gadget still good and you still able to use it normally, then you better not buy another new gadget just to fulfill your desire. If your smartphone needs to be replaced because its broken at some part, you better consider your financial condition first. Don’t fulfill your desire for something that you don’t really need.

Beauty Treatment

Beauty treatment may be important, especially for women. However, you also need to consider your budget first before buying any product. According to a research from Divine Caroline, a woman can spend up to $1200 just for beauty treatment.  Aside of that, so many women loves to go to beauty clinic which of course will cost more than doing their own treatment at home. You better reduce your frequent visit to your beauty clinic. 

Those things might make you spend more money than you should. You better start saving up your money using Danamon Save Saving from Danamon which offers various interesting features. Your life and your financial management will be more organized and you will not spend too much money than you should be. Hope it helps!