Family Financial Management during Ramadan

Managing financial may be quite hard, especially if you already have family. The daily expenses may be one of the biggest one, particularly during Ramadan which is Muslim’s holy month that has been waited all year long. When Ramadan comes, expenses usually will be much bigger than usual. Moreover, usually we don’t think that much before spending money since it’s a special month. Therefore, what should you do to managing your family financial during Ramadan? Here are some tips that you can apply.

Arrange Special Allocation for Ramadan

Before Ramadan, you can prepare a special arrangement of expenses. Make sure to mention clearly and detailed information about the expenses that you’re going to spend. For example, mention the expenses for shopping new clothes for Eid Mubarak. You will have a well-prepared financial management later on so that you won’t spend too much money for one aspect only during Ramadan.

Save Some for Eid Mubarak


Ramadan must be have taken up most of your expenses. However, you still have one more agenda to go which is Eid Mubarak. Indonesians have traditions of giving money to the younger relatives, especially if you’re going to have an open-house. Therefore, make sure you already prepared all the necessities as well as setting aside some of your money for Eid Mubarak later on.

Take Notes for Daily Expenses

After allocating your money for Ramadan, you can use this tips so that you won’t be over budgeting your expenses. Make sure you have taken notes for all your expenses from early morning to late night and be as detailed as possible. By using this way, you will be able to reflect your spending money. If you think your expenses has been too much, you can try to be more careful before spending too much money in the next day.

Think Twice Before Eating Out for Iftar

When it comes to Ramadan, Indonesians usually will gather with old friends to do break fasting or iftar together. However, please do think twice before saying yes to all of the invitation that you got. The expenses may not be that big, but if you’re doing it too much, it will surely be a huge deal. Therefore, make sure you have enough budgets before saying yes to iftar invitation.

Eat Wisely for Iftar


After fasting for a whole day, you may feel like you want to eat everything, making you to choose all the heavy meals with high carbohydrates. This will be bad for your stomach and health, and you will feel uncomfortable or even have an upset stomach if you keep on doing this. Aside of that, you can be over budget by buying too much meals. Therefore, make sure to always eat wisely during iftar for the health of your body and your budget. 

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