The Good of Umrah during Ramadan

In the holy month of Ramadan there are many good things you can do to gain the merits, and going Umrah is definitely one of them. Umrah will give you a memorable story as you experience one of the religious activities done by Muslims. The rituals of praying in the holy city of Mecca during Ramadan will bring different nuances and feeling as well.

Merit Equivalent to Hajj

Actually, Umrah and Hajj are different but almost identical praying activities. The difference is that these two praying have different time of implementation. Unlike the Hajj which can only be carried out at some time between the 8th-12th Dhul-Hijah, the Umrah can be done at any time (except the Arafat day of 10 Dhul-Hijah and the 11-13 Dhul-Hijah Tasyrik days).

There is a number of features you will get by performing Umrah during Ramadan. One of the features is a merit that is equivalent to the Hajj. This is a privilege that conveyed by Rasullullah SAW himself through his saying, “If Ramadan arrives, make the pilgrimage at the time because the Umrah of Ramadan is worth the Hajj.” (HR. Bukhari no. 1782).

Feels Like Worship with the Messenger of Allah

Besides having the merit equivalent to the Hajj, taking Umrah during Ramadan also has featured the belief of praying with Rasullullah SAW. This privilege can only be done at a certain time, as the same things apply to the fulfillment of the Umrah. This privilege was also conveyed through the words of Rasullullah SAW in the Lafazh of Bukari which read, “Verily, the Umrah in the month of Ramadan is like hajj with me.” (HR. Bukari No. 1863). If you are willing to have this experience, taking Umrah during Ramadan is worth considering.

The chance of the Tarawih Prayer in the Grand Mosque

An opportunity to have Tarawih prayers at the Grand Mosque is highly possible when you have Umrah during Ramadan. It has a different atmosphere having Tarawih in the Holy Land, and it certainly feels special. Although the number of Tarawih prayers in the Grand Mosque is the same as the number of Tarawih prayers in Indonesia generally (20 rak’ahs plus 3 rak’ahs), here usually one Tarawih prayer is done by reading one juz of Al-Quran.

That is why the Tarawih prayers at the Grand Mosque can take 2 to 2,5 hours. Tarawih prayers here at the Grand Mosque will finish at 10 p.m. of local time. But you do not need to worry for it will be a great experience as well, because the chanting of the high priests of the Grand Mosque will melt any hearts of those who hear it. You will face no boredom but a moving feeling.

Iftar at the Prophet's Mosque

Have you ever imagined breaking the fast in the Prophet’s Mosque, Medina? This place provides its own spiritual atmosphere. Breaking fast anywhere will still be fun and bring joy, but in this case, it’s different. The memorable experience will never be the same at any place. This is also another feature you will have when taking Umrah during Ramadan.

The Nabawi Mosque as a center for the local residents and Muslims who are visiting the Holy Land, this place is always full of thousands of people who are about to break their fast. Here, you can enjoy free Iftar meals provided by mosque officials. Date palms, bread, water, or even coffee are provided as Iftar menu while enjoying togetherness at the Prophet’s Mosque.

Those are some of the features when you’re having Umrah during Ramadan that you need to know. There’s a lot of features mentioned above that you can consider before planning for the Umrah during Ramadan. Also, don’t worry about money as you can take advantage of BISA Umrah iB Savings from Danamon that will help you fulfill your Umrah during Ramadan. 

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