World Bank Day: Travel Banking Services in the Digital Age

World Bank Day is always celebrated on April 1st every year. This year, World Bank Day is celebrated by seeing how the banking world has helped the world to move towards a better version of its.

The banking world deserves to be mentioned as its impact on the changing of human life. There are many positive things the public gained by the existence of the bank. It starts from the form of conventional banking services to the digital services that are felt by almost everyone. From what was originally just a place to save money in a safer way, a place to hold future funds, now it also becomes an investment place and provides a lot more convenience for its customers. Positive responses are always obtained from the banking world because the presence of banks is helpful.

How is the journey of banking services development to get into the digital era, an era that offers ease in services for oldest to youngest customers? Here is the story of its journey to commemorate World Bank Day..

Bank Transformed with Technology in Its Services


As explained above, banking services were only used to save money in the past. In a time before the bank, everyone keeps their money at home where it can cause more problems such as being stolen. 

However, as times evolve, banks have improved the quality of their services in order to facilitate customers while attracting new customers to choose saving money at the bank. Using technology is one of their way that always innovating every time. Although not all technologies can be used for banking services, there are still a number of technologies that suit the banking needs and the results are satisfying.

There used to be a time when people who want to do transactions need to come to the nearest ATM. But now everything can be done only on a flip of the smartphone. The mobile application is a superior product from the banking world with the intention to provide the best service to its customers.

Banking Service Trends on Mobile Applications

Banking service trends on Mobile Applications spread increasingly. It is not only a suggestion by the bank, but the customer's awareness to use mobile application is also exist. One of these mobile applications is the D-Bank application from Danamon. There’s a lot of features to help your daily activities’ needs in this excellent application from a bank that has been established since 1956. So, what are the advantages of D-Bank?

D-Bank,  Mobile Banking Application

D-Bank was released by Danamon Bank as a mobile application to provide convenience for its customers. In this application, you will find any form of services as a basic mobile banking application from Danamon. From transferring money to checking your balance, everything can be done by this application. There are also other advantages that are not owned by other bank’s mobile banking applications but D-Bank.

Using D-Bank, you can easily open an account because of e-KYC. You can also deposit your money online. It means you can still do banking without visiting the bank.

A new service from Danamon to open an online account where it can be done according to your own preferences. Also, there’s an interesting service where you can do cash withdrawal without the ATM card. You can withdraw cash at any time even if you don’t carry the ATM card.

Those are some of the advantages offered by D-Bank. Also, there’s e-KYC mentioned above. This is a premium product by Danamon for creating a new account

e-KYC, Simplify Verification of Prospective Customers


Basically, e-KYC is a service created by Danamon to facilitate the verification of new customers who want to open an account. To use this feature, you need to download the D-Bank Registration application.

By using D-Bank Registration to open an account, the customers can simply download the application on Google Play or AppStore. Then fill in the personal data on the online form according to instructions, send documents in the form of photos of e-KTP, photo of yourself and a photo of yourself with e-KTP.

After that, the new customers can choose KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process for opening an account. The customers can choose to video call a bank officer or visit the nearest Danamon branch office. Then customers can choose several ways to send debit/ATM cards for themselves. It can be sent to your home or taken at the nearest Danamon branch office. 

How easy it is to open an online account at Danamon with the latest e-KYC system and is not yet owned by other banks. Not only e-KYC but banking services today also have e-Wallet which is a form of their dedication in uniting the banking world with technological innovation..


e-Wallet is the latest product of the banking world. There was a time when people had to use cash to pay for transactions or use a debit or credit card. Now you are able to do these transactions with e-Wallet. It makes it easier to pay for all types of transactions as long as it provides an option for the e-Wallet services. Either offline or online payments, you can do it with e-Wallet which has a separate balance for you to use.

Digital lounge

The banking services also ventured its treatment by providing Digital Lounge facilities. In this Digital Lounge, customers will be more comfortable by managing their own banking activities including cash withdrawals, transferring, and gain important information about the services provided by the bank.

OJK Forms a Task Force Team for the Implementation of Digital Banking in Indonesia

The application of Digital Banking in Indonesia is also a concern of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Their commitment to supervising this is done by forming a task force in order to put closer attention on how the implementation of Digital Banking in Indonesia. Ensuring it does not violate the regulations, so the Digital Banking in Indonesia can operate better and welcomed by the customer. 

The Challenges of Banking Services in the Digital Era

There are challenges in this era that must be well faced by banking services. Those are fintech dangerous agendas, a cyber-attack that threatens the authorities, also not to mention the troublesome regulations and the various customer behaviors. If these challenges are well taken then it means the banking services will survive in this digital era in Indonesia.

Commemorating World Bank Day can be done by reading the development of banking services up to the digital era that provides important insights and education in seeing more detail about the banking world which continues to tackle technology improvement as one of their current focus. Happy World Bank Day!