8 Side Businesses Worth Try to Make Extra Money

Side businesses can be a solution if you are looking for additional income. Especially when you find it difficult to invest or do other alternatives. Not to mention considering how diverse the needs that must be fulfilled. Let’s say, children's education fees to house installments. It is almost impossible to fulfill if you rely only on monthly salaries. This exact condition is where you need to consider doing a side business.

Starting a side business can trigger more confusion about what type of business suits you best. So, here in this article we will spot some side business recommendations that you can do to make extra money you need.

Healthy Diet Menu Business


Lately, a healthy lifestyle is back on its popularity again. It all started from the bike to work trend up to eat a healthy diet menu. Those healthy routines are considered as the key to maintaining a healthy body. If you are observant, you may see this healthy lifestyle trend can turn to a promising business opportunity. You can learn and try to make a healthy diet menu business. This one has a huge opportunity, simply because we are all living in modern times where everyone wants practicality so we tend to choose to buy things instead of making one. So try to find out the ins and outs of the healthy diet business menu.

Snack Business

The culinary business will never be dead. For food will always be our basic needs. Based on this fact, the opportunity to run a food business will always be open. Also, if you find it is hard to do big course meals, filling the food business, you can start with a snack business instead. Making snacks will not require greater capital than making course meals. In addition, snacks are also more durable than the course meals so the risk of discarding food due to stale can be avoided. You can target young people as the market who are fond of trying new things. Choose to make snacks that appeal to the younger generation, both looks and taste.

Become a Private Tutor


If your main interest is education, then being a private tutor should be considered. There be needs for private tutors as long as there’s children at school who needs additional lessons to prepare for school or national exams. You can even open classes according to your expertise without having to teach other material. Also, the income that can be obtained from being private tutors is fairly decent. As lot more.

Freelance Photographer

Besides the option to become a private tutor, you might also consider becoming a freelance photographer. Maintain no mistakes, the income obtained from this profession can be promising. The opportunity to become a profitable photographer will always be open because nowadays there’s many events that requires a photography services. Besides open services for events, you can also send photos to any competitions or photo-sharing sites such as Shutterstock or 123rf that do open up opportunities for photographers to get more money in return.

Online Shop

The Internet’s existence brought a big influence on life. Not only offers convenience in life, but the internet can also help you to be able to get additional income. One of them is to set up an online shop. Yes, you can use the internet to set up a virtual store without putting effort to set up a physical store. The dropshipping system even allows you to be able to have a promising online business without any capital at all. Start by finding out about the most demanded items in the market, items that are sought by many.

This online business is often underestimated because there’s no physical store and the income is considered uncertain. But in fact, the income that can be obtained from an online business is no joke as long as you maintain the work diligently and actively.

Freelance Content Writer

If you like writing and willing to make extra money from this hobby, then becoming a freelance writer is the answer. By this work not only you can channel your hobby, but getting additional income in a quite promising amount as well. Moreover, freelance content writers can be done while filling your free time in between the busy schedule. This is because the working time is more flexible. If you are interested in doing a side business like this, you can try to look vacancies on the internet or ask those who are already involved in this field of writing online.

You might also consider sending your articles to the editor of any magazine or newspaper. The printed media usually will compensate for the writing. Try to find a topic that is hotly discussed and write it from an interesting point of view so that the editors will publish your writing.

Event Decoration Services

It is not everyone has good aesthetic abilities. Moreover when you have to decorate for an event. If you consider yourself have good aesthetic abilities, a side business of services in decorating an event can be considered. Now, this service is needed because people are having more events. You can start from small events such as birthdays or family gatherings. If you are still unsure, you can step by gathering vendors as suppliers for the decoration items. At the same time, you can expand networking so that this business can develop.

Freelance Graphic Designer

Indeed, having certain skills can bring more benefits. In the era of digital economy now, one of the skills that can make extra money is the ability to create graphic designs. For lately there are many industries that require graphic design work so that the opportunity to gain more benefit from it is also huge. You can create an attractive graphic designers’ portfolio of prospective clients on personal sites or even job search sites. Also, do not hesitate to send your work to a competition to get prizes.

To be able to make extra money besides the monthly salary, you can start to consider the options above. Especially if you do have skills such as writing or making interesting graphics. But if you already have a business that you want to expand further, take advantage of Danamon Solusi UKM. Danamon UKM Solution is a product solution to help you develop small and medium businesses because Danamon believes, every business certainly has an opportunity to grow.