5 Tips to Take Car Installment for Newlywed

Having a car is probably the dream of many people. Especially for you who have already married. More importantly when the distance between home and office is far enough, so public transportation is not a right option. However, there are times when you feel hesitant to buy a car, fearing of not being able to pay the mortgage. Take it easy, with these five tips below, having a car for young couples will not be difficult. What are the tips? Check out more in the article below.


Should Not Be Combines with a House Mortgage


For those of you with a salary under Rp5 million per month and only one of you works (either only the husband or only the wife), you should not accompany the installment of the car by other installments, like paying for your house. This will make you overwhelmed and it will be hard to save. Prioritize one, a house or a car? Both are important things but it does not mean that both must be taken simultaneously.

But if you really feel able to do it, pay close attention to your expenses per month. You may have to be to not spending things outside of primary needs over the next few months to pay off both simultaneously.

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Used Car is Not Bad!

Do not hesitate to take a used car. Not all the used car are in bad condition because there are still many dealers who sell used cars with good quality. But, there are some cars that have been owned by more than one people, you also have to pay attention to it. In addition, although it is now a trend to take a vintage vehicle, you should not follow the trend. Because vintage vehicles generally have higher maintenance costs. So, your money that should be used for anything else could be used up just to take care of the vintage vehicle.


Family Car is Better

The family car can be a better choice than a vintage vehicle because family car generally has a low price with a more efficient gasoline. Although it's quite mainstream and can not be said as cool as a vintage or sports car, for future investment aspect, the family car is better. Especially when you want to have a big family, the family car can reduce expenses to buy a new car when you have a lot of children later.

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Cars Under 100 Million Can Be an Option

There are many cars under Rp100 million that could be your choice. Starting from the type of family car, large to small. These cars are generally used cars with an older model, but it does not matter if the car is still can be used within the next six to seven years.

With spending only Rp100 million for the car, you can be more flexible to make other needs installments plus saving for the future. In addition, you can be easier to invest because the car is not too expensive.


Use Good KPM

In addition to the above tips, you can also ask for help from the provider of KPM (Car Ownership Credit). But you need to find a good provider of KPM like KPM Prima from Bank Danamon. KPM Prima is cooperating with Adira Finance, which is famous in the world of financing and motor vehicle insurance.

Here are five tips on having a car for a young couple like you. So, you do not need to be worried about the cost. You have to calculate all the costs that are roughly needed for the next few years, do not forget also you should still have emergency costs for needs that are out of your control.