9 Ways How to Use Technology to Save More

Not only does technology make your life easier, it can also make your life more efficient. But not everyone can use it well. For those of you who want to know how to save by utilizing technology, follow these following tips. It's easy to do and will make you save more money.


Download Financial Applications


To support your ease in transacting online, you can take advantage of Danamon Online Banking which can be accessed via computer as well as a smartphone. You can also download one of the many Danamon financial applications available to you, such as D-Bank, D-Card Mobile, D-Financial and Danamon Cash Connect.

D-Bank can be used to open a savings account online and to perform banking activities every day. You can also download D-Bank Registration to make it easier in the account creation process. Meanwhile, D-Card Mobile can be used for you who have a credit card. This application provides information services and credit card transactions that you have.

D-Wallet can help you to save money and make payments online or offline. Variety of your monthly bill can also be paid by using this application. You can even purchase credit and transfer some money to other D-Wallet users. Meanwhile, D-Financial is for SME owners who want to manage and grow your business. This application can help you with financial bookkeeping and credit simulation.

The last one is DCash Connect. This app can be used as a soft token or to access simple inquiry and transaction features with your smartphone. So now no need to be worried again if you want to perform various financial transactions with Danamon with Danamon Online Banking application range.

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Make a Digital Transaction


If you are often bothered to make transactions while going out, you can take advantage of technology to perform this activity. Simply by making transactions online, you do not need to go out or even go all the way to the bank. Many merchants serve digital transactions, starting from the grocery store to cinema.

In fact, there are some merchants that give more privilege to you who make transactions digitally. You can also get cheaper airfares by downloading digital applications from the ticketing agent. So, you no longer need to spend the gas to make a transaction. Moreover, you can save money because of it.


Streaming Services Subscription


Now with the presence of a legal streaming movie service, you can access a variety of exciting entertainment without having to violate the copyright. There are already more than two streaming services that you can choose to subscribe to in Indonesia. Whether via smartphone, computer, or both.

You do not have to pay much for this subscription. Generally, per month you only need to spend Rp50 thousand dollars per streaming service you want. Not just for movies, you can also watch Japanese cartoons (anime), western and Korean TV series or even football shows with this streaming service.


Sharing Digital Files Through Applications


If you are the type of person who often shares files via the Internet, you should make your life easier by doing it through the application. Now, you can not only share files via e-mail but also through applications like Dropbox. This app can be downloaded to your computer or smartphone. So, you no longer need to bother to open e-mail or send documents via courier that takes a lot of money.

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Download Free E-Book and Legal From Internet


Reading books now doesn't need to be expensive, you can do it by downloading free and legal e-books on the internet. You no longer need to bother to go out of the house to read the book you want. Just search for legal download places on the internet and read the book.


Buying Foods Through Applications


In addition to buying tickets to watch movies and also perform financial transactions, you can buy food through the application on your smartphone. This method not only makes you more time-saving but also can keep you fulfill your nutritional needs. Some applications also offer a decent offer for your pocket. So you can also save more money.


Looking for Tutorials About Miscellaneous House Chores on YouTube


Not just to watch music videos or entertainment, YouTube can also be your place to find tutorials on various house chores, starting from how to iron the shirt properly to how to make your own cat food. You can also use tutorial via these online videos when you are just starting to live alone.

Especially when you have never done a variety of things with your own hands like cooking vegetables or fixing a broken Wi-Fi cable. With this, you can avoid excessive service costs.


Message Massager Through Smartphone


Want to find a masseur when you feel sore at home? Just use your smartphone. There are several e-commerce applications that make it easy for you to order a masseuse to come home. You do not need to go outside your house to find a massage service that is usually quite expensive.

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Find Cheap Flights


When you want to go to the popular vacation place around you, you may feel that the tickets are too expensive. But now there are many e-commerce companies that sell tickets for planes online at a much cheaper price. You no longer need to go out to be able to buy tickets. Simply download an app that sells tickets from the desired airplane and then makes a transaction through the app.

By utilizing technology, your life will certainly be easier, whether it's for your financial condition or for vacation planning and daily needs. You also do not need to bother out of the house when sick or when bad weather comes to meet the daily needs. Because there are so many things you can order via the internet. No more need to lined up and late to pay bills, just swipe and click to perform this financial activity.