Tips for Going Abroad for the First Time with Kids

When kids enter the age of 3 months, some parents will start planning when it is the appropriate time to travel out with the Little One. Aside from being a stress-relieving event for parents, vacationing abroad can be used as a medium of adaptation to the new environment for the Little One. Not to mention, traveling with children can also strengthen family ties.
However, taking the kid to a public place does require extra preparation. For that, follow these tips to traveling overseas with the kids.


1. Consult About Vaccine to Doctor

Taking the kid out of the country for the first time can be horrible. The reason is, there are some countries that are vulnerable to spread a disease. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) requires anyone who wants to travel to Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria, or areas in South America to get a yellow fever vaccine. There is also a Japanese encephalitis vaccine that is required for anyone who wants to travel in Asia.

Therefore, 4-6 weeks before the day of departure, make sure you have visited a doctor to consult. It would be better if you already have a clear travel plan, such as: where you reside, how long you are there, until what activities you will do to make it easier for doctors to know which vaccines should be given.

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2. Bring a Special Bag for Kid


If you think you can bring a little luggage while traveling abroad with a kid, then immediately throw away the thought. Especially for a variety of personal needs for the kids, you must prepare a special bag, a big one, not a small luggage. Usually, the bag will be filled by routine medicines, toys, snacks or snacks, sunscreen, first aid kit, and various other needs. Therefore, prepare enough time for packing. Do not let things get left out and cause the kid to fuss all day.


3. Bring Toys and Books, Not Gadgets


Since you and your kid will spend a lot of time on the way, it is imperative to bring their boredom away. However, try not to give them gadgets. Quoted from theAsianparent Indonesia, children who use technology over the recommended time limit can actually inhibit the growth of brain and mental. Therefore, you can work around this by giving a set of coloring books and color pencils. Or if you do not want colored pencils scattered, you can give the kid a Magnetic doodler or their favorite picture book.

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4. Choose a comfortable hotel for your kid

Choosing the right hotel for a family vacation is not an easy job, especially if you go abroad which is a new area. You may not expect to get a hotel that is too exclusive, but because this time the kid is going too, of course you have to ensure that the selected hotel is child-friendly and provide some basic facilities.

For a more comfortable atmosphere, you can choose a hotel with villa type or cottage that is located separately from one to another. In addition, the kid will be freer to play, this type of villa or cottage usually provides a kitchen that you can use to cook food for your kid. Children-friendly hotels also typically have basic facilities such as swimming pools (indoor or outdoor), playgrounds, or even family-specific activities.

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If you want to travel abroad with your kid, preparing ahead is the key. Therefore, do the four tips on traveling abroad above, and your holiday certainly will be fun. Have a good vacation!