Have Some Excess Funding? Here Are the Profitable Investment Prediction in 2018

If you have some excess funding that can be invested to, then you have to use it. Looking at the various benefits that provided by many investments, this option has to be the best choice. Supported by Indonesian economy growth that getting better in every year, investment is a good idea to make use of your funding. To help you decide what is the best investment in 2018 for you, here is the list of investment prediction that will be profitable in 2018. Check it out!


1. Hotel and Restaurant

Hotel and restaurant business in 2018 is potentially having a high risk by the bank. The high rate of non-performing loan (NPL) on accommodation and food and beverages provision in early 2018 is the main cause of it. On January this year, NPL ratio on accommodation and food and beverages provision stated as the highest for the last 7 years.

This condition is the highest NPL, compared with the other 10 business sectors. As a comparison, the NPL of accommodations and food and beverages provision is about 4,33%. This sector is highly related to the consumer level. Especially for the accommodation, the challenges are placed on purchasing power and also the effect of technology advancement. The growth of travel accommodation apps has decreased the hospitality occupancy.

However, the business potential of food and beverages and accommodation is still quite promising. It makes the consumer share to Indonesian economy status is over 50%. Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (Financial Service Authorisation) stated that one of the reasons for higher NPL is because the hotel business is not well in the last year. It affects this year's condition. So, if you want to try this business, it is better to consider more.

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2. Gold

When you have excess funding for investment, you need to consider a gold investment. Instead of dollar investment, gold investment is more profitable. It is because some of the US Government regulation related to the interest rate makes the society think of gold as a profitable investment. In 2018, gold also has a positive value that you can trust, different from the dollar that showing the negative trend throughout the year.

Don’t worry. Gold is always easy to be sold back with the less disappointing value. To start the gold investment today is also quite simply because you don’t need to keep the physical product while taking the profit from it. So, if you want to to take gold as an investment this year, you can enjoy the promising profit for the future. Moreover, gold is not affected by inflation, so it will be the best investment you can choose.

3. Real Estate

Real estate and property investment in 2018 is predicted to be great. As property bought is not only considered as the living place necessity, this investment is also quite potent. In only one year, the price of a property will be increasing. If supported by the geographical factor, the investment will have the chance to be more profitable.

If you have an excess funding, you can try to buy property such as a house that will be quite alluring in this year. Property investment in 2018 will always become a choice, regardless of the increasing property price, because, for the long-term investment, it will provide more profit. You can buy a property in an infrastructurally developing area to gain more profit.

One of the suitable places to buy this kind of investment is Bekasi. Bekasi is a good option because, on this year, you still can buy a property at a relatively cheap price. However, in one or two years, the housing price on Bekasi is predicted increasing so it will be very profitable for you to buy now.

Other than housing, the alternative option for real estate investment such as apartment is also attracting. Instead of Bekasi, the property investment should be done in other places, especially on an area that near to office area or strategic. In Surabaya, the apartment market showing a good value rather than Jakarta. It is triggered as the traffic condition in Surabaya which is better than Jakarta.

If you are interested in property investment, then Surabaya is the best option for you. Moreover, the investment in the apartment area in Surabaya this year is increasing, compared to the last 2017. Traffic condition is an important factor because apartment in Surabaya is seen as a transit place to share various business necessity, especially for the businessman with high mobility.

You may also choose Bandung and Yogyakarta which also provide a promising property investment other than Surabaya. Both cities are known as travel sites so having property in these two cities is a good move to open investment opportunity.

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4. Stock Exchange

In 2017, investors and stock traders are smiling because the stock market is quite conducive by placing a good record on closing. So, how about the prediction of the stock exchange investment? Generally, the Indonesian stock exchange in 2018 is predicted to get some challenge, because of the election year and the increase in the Fed interest rate.

However, most of the economy expert in Indonesia are still being optimistic about the investment condition. Looking at the growth of the Indonesian economy condition, there will be a big chance for the stock market to be also increasing. After all, the politic condition which is predicted will be affecting the stock is not that bad. It is because the velocity of money on this politic year is more than usual so the stock exchange is growing.

Relying on Indonesia’s stock exchange performance that is closed at a good performance in 2017, using stock exchange as your investment choice is not a bad idea. The stronger Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan (IHSG) supported by the best performance on the money stock sector are the reason to take it as an account.

If last year money stock and basic and consumption industries became the top market, then this year, some sectors such as mining, consumption, and the bank can be counted on. The commodity price is also predicted increasing. Are you interested in trying to invest your fund in the stock market?

5. Deposit

Deposit is an investment product that offers you an interesting return. As an alternative to saving, deposit appears as a safe investment, especially for you who don’t want to take a high risk on investment. The return level offered by deposit is also interesting, with the more stable value or in line with the inflation of around 6 percent every year.

In 2018, the deposit is also predicted as a good choice for the most investor. Not only because it offers them a good return, it is also because deposit offers an easiness of registering an account, withdrawal, and also the flexibility of choosing best tenure that you can afford based on your necessity. The fund that you save in the deposit will be guaranteed because every deposit activity is under the provision of Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (Saving Insurance Agency) according to the valid terms and condition.

These are the information that you can use in choosing the profitable investment in 2018. To gain investment return with maximum profit, you can always rely on Danamon Regular Investment Plan. Interested? Join us now!