Use These 8 Tricks to Buy Cheap Flight Ticket on Eid

Buying cheap plane tickets ahead of lebaran is not an easy thing. Especially in the middle of the rampant buyers at these times. However, that does not mean you really can not find the right ticket. Follow the nine successful tricks to buy cheap airline tickets ahead of the following Eid so you can go home or go on a holiday without worrying about the cost.

1. Earlier the Better

Early preparation is better. Hunting tickets ahead of the time can be an excellent option for you who want to find cheap air tickets ahead of Eid. Generally, plane tickets purchased several months before the day can be cheaper than if you bought them one day before the day of the flight. This is due to the increasingly minimal seats and the absence of promos. Promo flights generally come all the way. So, you should at least be proactive in searching for the promo. Do not miss the attractive price that can make you save hundreds of thousands of rupiahs.

This trick should be done as soon as possible, especially if you have a popular route for mudik. Such as East Java or areas that are not in Jakarta. Because surely it will be very many people who want to go to these areas. For those of you who want to do a flight ahead of lebaran and not for mudik but for ordinary holidays, you should find a route that is not a route back and forth. This can make your flight cheaper than usual.

2. Select Flight in Early Day

The price of each flight is generally also different due to the flight hours. Busy hours such as six o'clock in the afternoon or nine in the morning generally have a fairly expensive price. Some of the first flights are sometimes very expensive when compared with the last flight which is generally before dawn.

If you are looking for cheap plane tickets ahead of Eid, choose a flight that runs first in the morning. Especially when you can not buy tickets early. This can make you save a little, although usually, the price difference is not more than Rp500 thousand of course.

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3. Make a Midnight Booking

At midnight, there are usually tickets that are sold cheaper. Therefore, for those who do intend to find tickets at affordable prices do not get tired to make reservations midnight. Especially for you customers of Bank Danamon.

Bank Danamon now features D-Mobile which is also known as D-Bank. This application can be used to perform various payments, including plane payments. It can be done through the option of funds transfer or by buying direct airplane tickets (especially for Garuda and Lion Air airlines). So, you do not have to bother to come out at midnight just to pay for tickets.
Just use the D-Mobile app that you can download on the Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS users. Take advantage of this opportunity to make flight reservations as well.

4. Understand Airline Type

Each airline has its own time and hours to do the promo. By understanding this, you can be precise and effective when looking for cheap tickets. So you do not have to go back and forth to see your smartphone or computer to find a promo. Do not forget to turn on the notification of the travel application on your smartphone so you will not miss the promo price.

5. Use Incognito Mode Or Private Browsing

To encourage purchases, some websites use cookies in your browser to investigate whether or not you have seen the ticket page multiple times. If you are known to have been on the page for some time, the price of a plane ticket will generally be more expensive. Therefore you should use invisible mode in some browsers. Like Incognito mode owned by Chrome or Private Browsing has Mozilla Firefox.

By using that mode, you will not be detected by the website so the price paid will not change. You should OPEN two windows for this trick. Then, go to the airline ticket website and find the ticket you want. Afterward, copy the address of the page and close the first window. Then paste the address from the page into another window and make a purchase on the page.
It is advisable not to buy tickets in large quantities at once. The purchase of tickets in group numbers can raise the price of the tickets you choose. Therefore, the fewer tickets you buy will be cheaper the price. If you do not want to bother to buy one by one via smartphone, you should use the computer. 

Open a window from your browser, the amount of the window you opened must match the number of people who will travel with you. Then, copy the address of the ticket page you want into each window and make a purchase. Indeed it will be a hassle because you have to pay the tickets one by one, but you will get a cheaper price in this way.

6. Do not be Afraid to Use Two Airlines

It does not matter to use two types of airlines for your return trip and away. When there are airlines that have a cheaper price when you order it for a trip home or go, do not hesitate to pick it up. This is not a hassle when you place an order online.

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7. Tuesday and By the End of the Month Could Be an Option

In addition to ordering in advance, you can also take advantage of Tuesday and the end of the month. Airlines generally lower their prices in these two times. Because people rarely make reservations on Tuesday and by the end of the month. You can take advantage of this opportunity to take a cheaper ticket. But you should do this at least one week before flying so that the price difference is significant. If you do this on the day of flight or one day before, this trick will not be done effectively.

8. Choose the First Airport

Some major cities have more than one airport. Surabaya for example, Terminal 2 is devoted to airlines with more expensive price than Terminal 1. You can use this trick to find cheaper ticket prices. Although generally, a secondary airport does not have facilities as good as the main airport, which is important you can get a ticket with a cheap price, right?

Now, you already know the trick to buy cheap airline tickets ahead of Eid. So, what are you waiting for? Make your ticket booking right now. Do not forget to directly buy the flight ticket for away and home, so you will not be panicked when going home later.