5 Smart Ways to Promote Your Business in Business Exhibition

A business exhibition is one of the promotion strategies that are effective for many businessmen in introducing their product. As a medium that potentially increases selling and gaining more consumers, joining a business exhibition cannot be missed.

If you are planning to promote your business in the nearest business exhibition, you have to prepare some important things. What are they?


Create a memorable tagline


The first thing you have to do is promoting your business using a memorable tagline. What’s the importance of a tagline? Usually, a tagline is basically designed in a short and dense sentence. Usually, a tagline is using some specific words and easy to understand, so that the people here are like an enemy. A successful tagline will be easily associated to the brand by the consumer. So, if you create an easy to remember tagline for this promotion event, then the chance on gaining fame is greater.

Try to create a tagline that is acceptable to the potential customer. Not only interesting, the tagline should also be related to your product. Some companies even make a tagline as if a joke so that their brand is famous among the potential customer. There are many companies that are linked to their legendary tagline so it stuck in the customers' mind. The taglines are simple but interesting enough to remember. For example, the tagline from KitKat, “Have a break? Grab a KitKat”, Indomie with “Indomie Seleraku” and Sosro’s “Apapun Makanannya, minumnya teh botol Sosro” are some taglines that are really stuck on every people in Indonesia.

Creating taglines are simple, but giving a great effect on the company’s growth. A tagline is the first step you have to do in promoting your brand to the world. It has an important role to grow a business promotion.

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Interesting and Unique Brand Logo


 Long before the day, you should create an interesting and unique logo to promote your business in today’s business exhibition. The brand logo is one of the most important things for a brand because it is your company’s face that you are dealing with. The logo symbolizes your business while brand work as your product identity.

There are so many famous logos representing their brand, one of them is McDonald’s. The company’s logo is so simple, a yellow ‘M’ surrounded by red. Even it is so simple as that, in fact, the logo has been successful in representing its brand.

Try to make a unique, interesting and simple brand logo so it will stick to every mind. There are so many ways of creating such a logo, including look for a reference. It is possible for you to look for reference from anywhere such as magazine, television, internet or even around the mall while look for a brand logo to open your door to creativity.

Instead of relying on reference, you need to pay attention to the details. Don’t let your logo too similar to another brand popular logo. Make sure the owner of the original logo that you have been interested in will not sue you because of the similarity. Make it unique, interesting, and more important, original.

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Hold an Interactive Event


 If you want to successfully promote your business in a business exhibition, you may need to hold an interactive event. As long as the exhibition is running, you have to create a direct interaction with the visitor. Holding such an interactive event will make the visitor more interested in your company and the promotion you do has a greater chance to be perfect.

You can stand in front of your booth and try to offer your product with a smile and nice language. If you interact with the visitor nicely, at least the visitors are willing to see your business stand. Moreover, you may also hold an interactive event in the form of a QnA session about your business to give more information to the visitor.

Take a note of the questions asked about your business and answer it short and clear. This kind of interactive event creates more chance of taking the visitor attention so your promotion will work. Also, provide various sample product that the visitor may try so they know about the product you offer.

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Sounding on Social Media


In social media, you literally can do anything, including business promotion in an exhibition. Before the event running, you may do sounding via social media. This is a perfect way to seek attention so your potential customer can visit the business exhibition where you do your promotion.

There are lots of consumer gain information about the brand or product on social media, so using them is the best way to promote your brand before the event. In fact, instead only sounding on social media, you can also promote your brand seamlessly. This promotion method will give more benefit to your brand development, including the increase of brand awareness up to consumer loyalty toward your brand.


Hire an Influencer


To gain more attention from the exhibition visitor, you can hire an influencer to join the event. An influencer is important to gain the visitor interest in your product. It is also supported by the fact that much people actually trust more on the information that is given by the influencer.

In the digital era, an influencer is not a new thing. As a person that gives a great influence on social media, influencer must give a good effect on increasing your brand awareness. Marketing campaign through influencer also has a higher correlation level to the selling. Interesting?

Those are 5 smart ways that you can do to promote your business on business exhibition. By doing the ways, your business will gain more interest from the society so it will be well-known and grow bigger. For you who are running a business, don’t forget to visit Danamon Solusi UKM to gain solution in growing your business. Good luck!