4 Options of Business Place to Start Your Company

When expand a business, there will be a lot of things to think about and decide, including the business place. Basically, you need a place to work on your business, especially when you have to grow it. However, to have a business place is not another piece of cake. The cost has always become the problem. So, what’s the solution? Here is the best option you can choose to expand your business. Check these out!




 When decide to expand your business, having a business place is one of the priority. Anyway, this thing is difficult, especially on the capital you have. Ideally, a strategic business place helps you to grow your business quicker. But what if you can’t do that?

If money is the main problem, then don’t think too much about the place. Any place can be your working place, including home. A garage is a perfect place since it is empty and wide. It is low on cost and effective to maintain your business. You only need to adjust things here and there with the necessary things for your business. A garage can be the small office for you with only putting some desk and chair. You can also add some interior pieces of furniture to make it convenient. A garage will also keep your work perks away from your private room so you can work without interfering with your family thing. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

A lot of business type can be started from your garage. It is including a cake house, dine-in place, clothing, internet cafe, coffee shop, laundry and car wash. Keep on going when your business grow and profitable.

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Coworking Space


Are you familiar with coworking space? As it says, a coworking space is a place where some people with the different jobs and businesses get together. Coworking makes it possible to collaborate with others. You can meet a new acquaintance to work by. That is why coworking space is a good place to hasten the growth of a startup company. 

Coworking space is a product of solution in growing number of the startup in Indonesia. The new business owners mostly don’t have much money to rent a place for their business and coworking space appears as a solution. The professional atmosphere in this place encourages people to be productive. When expand your company, you just need a perfect place to resemble everything with your team and coworking place is the answer. In coworking place, you are not only working on your business optimally but also help you grow your business faster. It is because there will be a lot of other small business working in the same building. Your chance to meet new friends and create a collaboration opportunity is greater so your business may grow faster.

This business place option is not only specified to the startup founders, but also the people who have a digital business and the freelancer. For you who need a place to work outside but not as tight as in an office, coworking space is the perfect place. A various facility such as WiFi to meeting room can be used optimally to push your business growth.

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Virtual Office


A virtual office is a business place that only appears on the internet. This business place option can be used to have a physical address by renting. You can rent a virtual office and use the address as your business place option. Why is it important? This is because there is a lot of fraud using a job as a guise. Having a clear address is a benefit and also a must if you want to develop a business. A virtual office is just like a physical office as usual. It offers the same benefit as usual, such as phone, email, and fax.

In short, a virtual office can be known as a network divided by the business partner and the worker take the virtual world and digital real estate through the internet. Using virtual office as an option for a business place is one of the most effective you can do in the instant era. If you are interested, you can prepare some funds as the rent. Before renting a virtual office, it is better to consider some things such as location, available facility, assistant service is given, the company concept and the labor system, and the rent cost. Your aim in renting virtual office is to suppress the cost, so you have to be careful about comparing one place to another to get your best price.

Renting virtual office is basically the same with renting an ordinary office. It will have mailing staff, receptionist, and also a company domain system administrator. The differences are only the room and the physical address to be used together by the tenant. By providing rental service for the company in small to middle scale, the place will be cheaper and considerable.

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House office

If you want to expand your business, choosing a business place is the most important thing to consider, especially when your business depends on the strategic business place. One of the best options for the business place that you can choose to grow your business is a house office. If you are able to have a house office in a perfect place, then your business may grow bigger and faster.

Most small business owners in Indonesia have a house office or small house to grow their business. The building that generally has 2 to 5 levels has been grown fast in Indonesia, gaining its popularity in the new business owner. You can also use this business place especially when your brand is not quite famous. It is related to the strategic location of your house office. Because the place is not independently stand out, you don’t need to hardly look for a customer because they will come to you. If you sell clothing, book or anything, then opening a house office is the best to do for growing your business.

House office is usually rented with a big amount of money. But if you can choose the best house office, the cost you pay become a profitable investment. There are some things you need to pay attention to, one of them is the strategic location. You need to consider seeing the population around. It is better to choose the location that is near the residency to increase the market potential from your business.

The amount of income per capita also needs to know. It is related by the purchasing power of your consumer. Of course, you don’t want to open your business in a place where the people is less interested or even can’t buy your product, isn’t it? Consider your consumer to the product you offer. For example, if you offer a photocopy service, choosing a place near a college or a school is the best option instead of the traditional market.

Those are some business place options that you can choose when you want to expand your company. Consider your need to choose the best business place and adjust it on your funding availability. If your business is already running and you need help to expand your business, you can visit Danamon Solusi UKM to get the best solution for your business development. Good luck!