Never Miss These 5 Must-Visit Wonderful Tourist Attraction in Jakarta!

Staying in Jakarta might make you often go outside the city to travel. But, do you know that Jakarta actually has some interesting tourist attractions that deserve your visit? With no less fun than the tourist attraction outside the city, you can actually save up your time by avoiding stressful traffic. Here they are, the 5 tourist attraction in Jakarta you can visit!


Dunia Fantasi

As a family theme park, Dunia Fantasi is a suitable tourist attraction in Jakarta that you may visit. A theme park that is located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol area offers you the various fun yet thrilling rides. Exciting rides such as Tornado, Halilintar, and Hysteria are ready to entertain you and your family. Other fun rides like Rumah Miring, Poci-Poci and Pontang-Pontang are fun too.

In Dunia Fantasi, you can also enjoy some rides with a particular theme, like Ice Age Arctic Adventure, Treasureland, Dufan Glow, Fantasi Lights; Magic of Dufan and also Hello Kitty Adventure. The performances of actors, robots, animatronics, sound effects and the lights certainly make the rides far more fun and interesting. Opening in 10.00 to 18.00 every day, except weekend up to 20.00, visiting the theme park is definitely a choice.

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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah


Gaining its popularity since the 90s era, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is always being the must-visit tourist attraction in Jakarta. You can enjoy various rides and interesting facilities like Anjungan Daerah, Kereta Gantung, museum, 4D Theatre, and also the well-known IMAX Keong Mas Theatre. Many facilities, rides, and decorations in this area are the miniature of  33 provinces in Indonesia. So, why should you go outside the city?

Don’t worry, the tourist attraction placed on Jalan Raya Taman Mini is suitable for all ages, especially for you who already have children. Once in a while, taking the children to a theme park is not bad. On its strategic location, the park is opening on 07.00 to 21.00 WIB.


Alive Museum Ancol

Alive Museum Ancol is a unique visual museum franchise from China that coming with the statue of important people in the world. The museum is similar to Madam Tussaud Museum in Bangkok, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Singapore. It makes Alive Museum Ancol able to provide you the perfect tourism moment.

In Alive Museum, you might find various of famous public figure around the world, from Korean Idol to namely western singer. Located at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol area, the tourist attraction that is opening on Tuesday-Sunday at 10.00-21.00 also provides you visual collection in interesting creative hand-made pictures.

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Snow Bay Waterpark


Are you planning on traveling to interesting tourist attraction to relinquish your tiresome and stress level? Snow Bay Waterpark is the tourist attraction you need to visit. A tourist attraction that offers you interesting and imaginative rides with snowy mountains behind as the background will bring you joy and happiness. Some best water attraction in artistic scenery enclosing 70% of the area is great to enjoy with.

By enjoying the exotic snowy atmosphere, your tiresome will be gone. The world-class waterpark in an adventure theme is definitely giving you the best experience with your family. You can visit the waterpark every day from 09.00 to 18.00.


Jakarta Aquarium

If you look for a luxurious attraction by enjoying the unique and beauty of sea creatures, then Jakarta Aquarium is the answer. Not only able to enjoy the visual experience, you can also touch some attraction inside. As a part of Taman Safari Indonesia, Jakarta Aquarium is managed professionally and might increase your knowledge, especially of sea creatures. This is why the place is good for the kids.

Located in Neo Soho Mall, exactly on LG and LM floor, Jakarta Aquarium has an enormous aquarium just like in the Seaworld. You will find about 600 sea creatures such as fish, sea stars and the beavers here. Sound interesting, isn’t it? You may come every day on 10.00-20.00 and enjoy the excitement.

Now, you don’t need to trap yourself into the heavy traffic outside the city just to visit some tourist attraction. Just visit this 5 tourist attraction above and your vacation is going to be fun. Don’t forget to use Danamon Debit or Credit card.