5 Hotel Restaurant in Jakarta for Your Family Dine-in

Hotels in Jakarta are not only comfortable to stay but they can also be a place for a pleasant dining. Especially for those who want to have a gathering with family, enjoying the delicious dishes and valuable time in the restaurant within the hotel could be an interesting choice. Want to know which hotel restaurant in Jakarta that is suitable for you and your family? Here are 5 interesting recommendations!


Sailendra, J.W. Marriott

The first hotel restaurant in Jakarta that is suitable for you to visit with your family is Sailendara, J.W. Marriott. This is one of Jakarta's top restaurants and presents a variety of dishes that are guaranteed to match the liking of your family. Sailendra is suitable for you who want to eat Indonesian dishes because the restaurant in the hotel is often visited by the foreigner. So it presents a menu that's dominated by Asians dishes.

Bringing the concept of a buffet, in this restaurant you can enjoy a variety of different menus that will certainly satisfy your appetite. In addition to Asian cuisine, the restaurant that has the concept of the open kitchen also provides a typical Western dish, the dessert is also guaranteed to be delicious and suitable to eat with your family.

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Rasa, Intercontinental Jakarta MidPlaza


Intercontinental Jakarta MidPlaza Hotel also offers a restaurant that deserves to be on your consideration list as a family gathering place, its name is Flavor. The restaurant is also quite popular among culinary lovers in Jakarta by offering a mix of Asian and European cuisine. It's suitable for those who like the concept of a relaxed yet enjoyable restaurant with a satisfying food taste.

The restaurant also provides live cooking stations that make it more interesting to visit. Its relaxed and fun outdoor dining area is also perfect for you and your family if you want to eat delicious food with a poolside view and a charming garden. 


Signature, Indonesia Kempinski Hotel

Indonesia Kempinski Hotel is not only famous for its history, but also because of its attractive restaurant that offers exciting dishes, Signature. It has a pretty good reputation among culinary lovers, no wonder if the restaurant inside the hotel whose building was designed by the first President of Indonesia, Soekarno, deserves to be a fitting restaurant for you to visit with your family.

You and your family can enjoy their distinctive and delicious soup menus. Various other interesting dishes you can also try are ranging from the typical menu of Asia to the West.

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Andrawina Restaurant, Grand Sahid Jaya

As one of the 5-star hotels in Jakarta, Grand Sahid Jaya certainly offers culinary delights that you do not need to doubt. Indonesian and International specialties that are presented will surely make your moment with beloved family even more memorable. Located in the main lobby of Grand Sahid Jaya hotel, this restaurant combines the concept of restaurant, café and a meeting room.

Featuring a modern and luxurious design, this restaurant is a favorite among expatriates and local guests. You can enjoy the breakfast menu, lunch, until dinner here comfortably. The restaurant that provides three rooms is not only presented as a meeting room, but also for the family dining room.


Awan Lounge, Kosenda

If you want to enjoy a new atmosphere of the capital, then the Cloud Lounge at Kosenda Hotel is the answer. Located on the roof of Kosenda Hotel, Cloud Lounge comes with a comfortable atmosphere because it is filled with shady trees and plants commonly used as spices in the kitchen. So, of course, the dishes in this restaurant are made by using fresh spices that make it more delicious when eaten.

Here, you can enjoy a variety of interesting menus ranging from Barbeque Tapas, Lamb Cutlet which uses meat from Kangaroo Country complete with delicious Yogurt Tahina. If you are interested in trying this restaurant's typical drink, you can taste Girl Friend which is a mixture of vodka, amaretto, countreu and tia maria which gives a sweet taste that you can enjoy.

Comes with a buffet and a la carte menu, you can eat delicious western, oriental, Italian, Asian and Indonesian dishes. Its flagship menu ranging from Grilled Salmon, Sahid Fried Ox Soup, to Nasi Timbel Bandung, it is a pity if you miss one of these menus. For the drinks, you can enjoy a fresh Orange Crush or Fantasy Punch.

Make a memorable get-together with your family this time with a dine-in at one of the 5 amazing restaurants above. Want your moments to be more fun? Use the American Express Card Danamon to enjoy other interesting promotions as well. Enjoy your family time!