Money Management for Marriage

Planning your marriage is not a simple thing. You have to think about many things that have to be done before the marriage itself come, especially about money management. Knowing that marriage needs tons of money, you must know that you have to manage it well so you can make a great family with your spouse later in the future. 

Usually, you manage money for yourself but right now you have to do it for two. There will be two heads to manage the money as well this time. So you have to think about how to manage your payment for your needs and for your marriage needs. You might have different ways with your spouse, but that's not bad as long as in the end, you two can manage it well. If you're still confused on how to do it, here are some tips. 


Making a Concept

One thing that you have to do when managing money for your marriage is about making a concept. If you and spouse are both working this could be easier but also not that easy since you both will have a say about the money you will spend on marriage. You have to make a concept about how to spend money wisely. If you have to pay house down payment then you must decide who should pay it, or if you have to do it together, make sure you know how much you have to pay and how much your spouse how to pay.

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Priority Discussion

Both of you must have a different priority in your life. If your spouse might want to buy a new TV, you might want to buy a new laptop. This could be a problem in the future if you don't try to manage it with your spouse. You need to do this right before the marriage plan too since both of you might have different views about how the marriage could be done. You can do this even before the marriage plan starts, if you're serious with your partner, you can discuss it right now.

By knowing others priority you will be able to understand them more easily. So in the future, there won't be more fight about how both of you spend money and you also need to discuss this since you're going to live together for the rest of your life. 


Make Consistent Money Allocation

If you and your partner already decided on the day when you're married, next step that you have to do is to make a money allocation on what you need on your marriage consistently. If you have calculated the total cost of marriage and determine the target or date of the wedding, immediately open a joint savings account. That way, it will be easier for you and your spouse to allocate the required funds on a regular and consistent basis.

This joint account can be used as a money storage that will be used as the payment for the cost of your marriage and your partner later. Just apply simple rules, for example, you and your partner must set aside a portion of their earnings to be transferred to the joint account. The amount is certainly adjusted to the ability and total cost of marriage that you and your partner have previously set. Make sure the money in the account is not inviolable in order to be used in time.

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Commitment to Set Aside Money Every Month

Because the cost of marriage is not small, many couples will plan a wedding within one to two years. If you are one of them, you and your partner must begin to build a commitment to set aside money each month. This will be very helpful in collecting the cost of marriage with more discipline. Especially for small wedding expenses such as invitation printing costs or wedding souvenirs. You can set aside money around Rp 50 to 100 thousand per day or per week for savings. No need to save in big nominal, small nominal but done constantly and consistently is enough.

Take into account anything you need in a marriage and determine how much money you have to spend each month to meet those needs. If you consistently do it, setting aside money each month for wedding preparation is not something that is so hard to do.


Prepare Emergency Funds and Investments


 One more way of managing finances for wedding preparation you can do, investing. If you are interested and brave enough, investing can be one effective solution to anticipate a large wedding fund. You can determine the type of investment that is the most profitable, one of which is a gold investment. Because the price of gold tends to be stable even crawl up every year, so relying on gold investment to collect wedding expenses can also be considered.

You and your spouse can also start investing with a small nominal. Simply buy gold bars between 1 to 5 grams. After more than 2 years, the gold price you have is more expensive than the purchase price. So, if you resell, you will get a satisfactory profit that can be used as a marriage fund.

Investing gold can also give you emergency fund preparation for you and your spouse. If you and your partner are faced with emergency needs, the gold you buy can also be resold. No need to worry because gold is always sold and easy to a mortgage. This type of investment is also very fitting when you hold a wedding, where there will be a lot of sudden needs that you must meet.

If you and your spouse are discipline and consistent with what you have planned, managing your finances and raising the necessary funds will not be as difficult as you imagine. Collect and run all the needs and needs that exist step by step, then you and your partner will reach the target set in the end.

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