Do You Want to Qurban Every Year? Use These 5 Tips to do So

As a Moslem, of course you want to pay for your Qurban need every year. But maybe you think buying a whole or lamb even is too pricey. Especially that you don't get a stable financial income. That doesn't mean you can't do it though, here are some few tips for you to be able to make Qurban every year. 


Little by Little Every Month

If you're serious about doing Qurban every year, one of the thing that you must do is to do it little by little every month. This means, save for Qurban every month. Maybe you want to buy new phones or anything else, but doing Qurban is sometimes more important, and you don't have to save quite a big amount of money since Qurban only happened once in a year.

First, choose the type of animal that you want to buy. Second, don't buy the high-quality ones if you're not financially ready. Third, you have to think about the shipping too. Some region might offer a cheaper animal for Qurban but what about the shipping delivery? After thinking thoroughly, now you have to make saving little by little every month. 

For example, you want a goat that's priced at Rp3 million for next year Qurban. With the inflation prediction, the goat might get a rise in their price by 10%, making you have to pay Rp3.3 million next year. With this in mind, you have to save Rp330 thousand only each month. 

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Join Arisan Qurban

If you think that saving for Qurban is too hard for you, you can join Arisan Qurban. Arisan Qurban means you have to give money to the person in charge every month so by the end of the year for Qurban, you don't have to be panicked to get some money. With the third person appear, you won't be able to avoid to save.


Make New Bank Account

Another way to save money for Qurban is making new bank account that's dedicated for Qurban money. Nowadays, you don't have to spare lots of money for making a new bank account, some even only need less than Rp100 thousand for you to be able to do it. Just make sure you have your ID around.  This way, you can use the auto debit feature to make immediate saving after you get your salary each month.


You Can Save with Gold too 

Saving money is quite a hassle for some people. It's not only about saving it but also about the urge not to spend it that you have to control. If you have enough money to buy the animal for Qurban, then you can immediately buy some gold with said money. This to prevent you use the money that should be used for Qurban before the due date. 

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Collective Qurban

If you think that buying the whole animal for Qurban is too hard for you, you can use collective Qurban feature. This feature lets you buy animals for Qurban with another people. So, one animal doesn't have to be bought by one person, five or more can do it. So the price will be quite cheap, especially for you with unstable financial income. 

If you already set your mind in the animal for Qurban, you don't have to hesitate to do one of these tips. Or you can open Tabungan BISA Qurban iB. If you're interested in using this feature, you can contact the nearest Danamon bank around you for more information.