Wanna Know About the Importance of Credit Card? Read This One

People must've dreamt of a better life, especially about their activities. Easy breezy activities will make people feel more at ease. That also includes the easiness to make a transaction. Not only about fresh money, some other type of payment is now being considered a favorite by some people. The most popular one is no doubt, the credit card. Used to be considered as a payment type that usually taken by the bourgeois, credit card now is becoming one of the things that could be obtained by many people.

But even though it has many perks and quite popular around the world, Indonesia got a minimum amount of credit card holder. According to a statistic shown by Bank Indonesia in 2017, only 17.59 million credit card that has been issued. It's very different from the 60 million bank account that has been opened in the country. Having a credit card is not a scary thing, especially when you spend it with consideration. A credit card might give you more good than harm. Here is some info you need to know about it. 

Efficient and Comfortable

Are you type of a person who doesn't want to bring much money in your wallet? Or, you're having a bad experience with having money in your wallet? If you are, then you have to consider to get a credit card. If you use it wisely, you can use a credit card as an efficient and comfortable payment method. You don't have to bring cash or go to the nearest ATM to take some money. 

With a credit card, you can also make less effort. You don't have to wait in line at ATM to get your money. So, your shopping experience will be more efficient and comfortable. If you use a credit card wisely, you can lead a better life. Just make sure that your credit card use is less than what you get in a month. 

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Special Offer

With a credit card, you can get many special offers. From reward points by the bank for you who loves to travel and shops (like travel point), cash back promo and more discount. Some even offer free yearly fee and low-interest rate, especially for you the new user of the credit card. 

You can also be more flexible when shopping. Credit card user usually gets better promo when they do it. Like more discount to get, from grocery needs to fashion needs. That way, you can get a lower price and can shop more. 


Easy Budgeting

Credit cards usually packed with features, one of it is the easy payment features for your bill. From electricity bill, home loan, water bill, even cable TV bill and vehicle loan. With this feature you will have an easier way to pay your bills, you don't have to go out and you can do it automatically. Making your budgeting plan easier than ever. 

You don't have to spend time in ATM to pay or even waiting in line at the supermarket to pay for your bills. So it's a very good option for you who's dynamic and doesn't want to take much time for doing something so easy like paying bills. 


Track Your Expenses Better


Many people don't care much about their monthly expenses. Maybe they have a big salary, but that doesn't mean they track their expenses. Remember, your salary is not permanent and some people tend to spend more than they can if they didn't track their expenses. With a credit card, you will see the exact number of your expenses every single day, plus you don't have to write down where do you spend it. Since your credit card will do it for you. This can make you think twice before making unnecessary expenses, especially by the end of the month.

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Interest-Free Loan

Usually, a loan will come with interest that you have to pay. But some people still try to get a loan without interest. And if you're that person, then using a credit card might be a good option. A credit card doesn't give interest when you loan some money to buy something, you just have to pay it before the due date. So it's quite a good offer for everyone with a stable payment. Especially if you get a payment of more than four million per month.

If you can use a credit card wisely, you can get all of this benefits. So, credit card won't make you broke, in fact, it could make you save more with your expenses tracked and auto payment every month. Your saving schedule will also be even easier to do since you don't have to think about other monthly expenses with an auto debit feature. 

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