Because of the Beauty and Uniqueness, 5 Indonesia Holiday Destination Becomes Tourist's Favorite

It's not a secret anymore that Indonesia got so many places to visit for holiday. These places not only attract local tourists but also international ones. Even some places are popular enough to be considered as a must see place. Here are five of the best place to spend your holiday in Indonesia, taken from TripAdvisor recommendation.


1. UleeLheue Beach, Aceh

This province is considered one of the best places to stay when you want to see good beaches. One of the best beaches in Aceh is called UleeLheue. This beach got a very beautiful sunset scenery, along with calm waves and a natural environment. Making your holiday better than ever, especially for you who love to spend time in calm places.

This beach is located around UleeLheue harbor, the combination of the harbor and the beach made this place quite beautiful even without the sunset. This place often used by people to travel to Weh island, and is filled with the unique blackened sand.

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2. Bintan Island

This island is quite popular among tourist, especially for international tourist. One of the reason is that Bintan island is the perfect place for golf lovers. In this island, golfers can get a cheaper rate. This also including a cheaper golf lesson rate, if you compare it to the other golf island. Singaporean is one of the most prominent tourists on Bintan island.

Not only playing golf, you can also do something else at Bintan, such as playing on the beach, enter the forest, and ride an elephant. You can also do some religious visits here. The tourist love to play on the beach until sunset and it's good to visit it at that time to see the best scenery. 


3. Kelimutu Lake

A crater lake that's located at the peak of Kelimutu mountain made this lake very special. Not only because of the location, but also because of the colors. You can see three different colors on the lake's surface, that's why Kelimutu lake is also called Danau Tiga Warna or Three Colored Lake. This lake is located in a place 1.631 meter far from the earth surface and you can see red, blue and white color on it. But be careful, this place also has many things to be respected since it's considered a sacred and sometimes haunted place for some.

The lake that's also served as a natural conservation park has a beautiful scenery around it. You can see plants like Kesambi, Cemara and the eternal flower, Edelweiss. Kelimutu lake is located at Flores island, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province.

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4. Borobudur Temple

The amazing architecture of Borobudur and the spiritual charm from it made it one of the most popular historical site in Indonesia. Not only attracting local tourist but also the international one. This place is quite huge and you must take one day full to stay here if you want to see the total beauty of Borobudur. You can go from temple to temple to observe the amazing history of Indonesia here. 

More than 1000 panel relief that you could see here. There's no doubt that this temple is one of the most beautiful temples in the world. Some people even take days to observe all the history behind the temple. If you're a history lover, you have to visit this place.


5. Lombok

This place is also considered as one of the most popular places among the international tourist. Lombok has a beautiful scenery that's considered as one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia. Lombok lies at Wallace line, a border between fauna and flora zone from Asian and Australia. So it's not a surprise that Lombok is exotic. 

Not only about the scenery, the people around Lombok is considered to be quite helpful and nice towards tourist. You can see many different plants and animals here and Lombok also got lots of amazing beaches. For you who want to get an exotic vacation, Lombok can be a great place for you. 

The beauty and uniqueness that these five places have to offer make it a good destination for holiday in Indonesia. No wonder many tourists come and go to this place. For you who're Danamaon's customers, you can use your D-Points to get more benefit on your holiday. Such as getting a cheaper hotel reservation or plane tickets.