Before Making an Investment, You Have to Fulfill your Saving Needs

Nowadays, investment is one of the most interesting things that made people want to do it, especially in Indonesia. The profit that the investor can get sure makes it very popular among Indonesian. However, as an investor, you can't just invest on anything that seems interesting to you. Especially without further consideration. You must remember that making an investment is not a child's play. 

There are so many things that should be considered, one of it is that you have your saving stored. If you have enough savings and money for daily needs for you and your family, then making an investment can be a good choice for you. But if you can't fulfill your daily needs and savings, you should reconsider on making investment.  Since if it's forced, investment could be a boomerang for your financial condition. Here are some reason why you must have savings before making an investment.

Money for the Future

Even though investment could be a  tempting thing to do, especially that it promises lots of money in the future, you must never forget that it could result to a loss. Especially when you don't have any money left for the future. Just imagine that you don't have any money left later, yet you have to get some money at that time, and your investment can't give you money fast enough.

Just because it seems to be a good opportunity to get more money, you must not make a hasty choice. The multiplied profit of investment doesn't come in a short time. It needs more than two or five years sometimes. That is why, you have to make sure that you have enough fresh money for the future first before making an investment. 

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Having a Saving is a Must

Another thing that you must have beside fresh money is a saving. Before making an investment you have to make sure that your saving is enough to cover your expenses in dire needs. At least, you have to had three months worth of saving before considering to make an investment. 

You also need to make sure that the saving can helps your amount of fresh money to live. It's always better to skip on investment if you're still relying on loans, since it could make you have more debts. Which will make your life went around debts after debts.

A Safe Feeling with Savings

Without a doubt, when you have enough savings you will feel safer when you want to make a financial investment. You don't have to feel scared whenever you want to spend some money for investment, since you know that you have enough back up if something goes awry. Even though your investment failed in the future, you won't get a big financial damage. That's why making enough savings is a must before thinking about investation. 


Debts Could be Paid 

Making a debt sometimes is inevitable, but in investing on something, you must not make a debt. It's advised that you have to use your own money on making an investment. Since, like what we said before, making an investment is not an instant profit, but you have to keep repaying your debt. So it could be a financial problem in the future for you. That is why, you shouldn't make an investment without thinking about it thoroughly.

If you have enough savings, you wouldn't have to think too much about paying debts. Even if you are in dire need of paying debts, if you have savings you always can rely on it.


Making Expenses Even More Controlled

Some might think if you have savings, your expenses won't be controlled. But that's wrong. With savings, you will think twice if you want to spend on something. Since you have savings to make. This will make less expenses, that including making a hasty investment decision. 

You have to make sure that your saving is enough before thinking about investment. Having enough savings will also make you feel safe, also making plan for the future will be easier with savings too. If you want to get a safer feeling for the future, you can use Tabungan Danamon as your banking partner. Danamon can helps you to define your future right now!