5 Tips to Make you Save More Money

Everyone knows that saving money is one of the things that's needed to do. Making a saving also one of the things our parents ask us since we're little. Saving can give many benefits to our loves. Example, getting things we want, teach us to be disciplined, and facing our future.

Even so, making a saving routine is easier said than done. Ideally, after receiving your monthly payment, you must make a saving immediately, not waiting for the spare of your spare salary to be saved. But, the fact is, many people are still hard to make savings even though they have a good salary. As if they lost motivation to do it. 

If you are one of them, you don't have to worry. We will give you some tips to make savings so you can motivate yourself to do it. 

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Use Financial Software

One of the reasons that you can make saving is to manage your money. So, you have to write down any transaction made. With this, you will know what you buy and how much. If you spend too much, your notes will tell. 

For doing so, you don't have to write down everything manually. You can use financial software that you can download right on to your smartphone. So, you can immediately take note of your expenses using the app. Here is some app recommendation:

• Dompet Sehat
This financial app is an Indonesian made. Developed by Yogyakartan people called PT Indiva Finansia Teknologi. With Dompet Sehat, you will not only be able to make budgeting, but also connect the app to your bank account where you will save your money.

• Wally
Like many other financial apps, Wally also make you can take notes of every transaction made. But not only that, Wally also has a feature to make you fulfill some saving or spending target. Wally will help you track the progress of your target. 

A little bit different than the two apps before, D-Financial or Danamon Financial is made for the small businesses owner. This to help them improve their businesses. With this app, the small businesses owner can save money for their business. Even to make loan simulation. You can also get Loan Calculator that will help you to simulate some loan, monthly loan payment, and everything else related to it. 


Use Waiting Rule So You Won't do Impulsive Shopping

Every person has ever wanted to buy something they don't need. But when you buy it, you will feel regret. This one is an impulsive shopping, this way you won't get any saving you need. So, to avoid that, you have to use the waiting rules as one of the things to help you make savings. 

It's easy, just write down whatever you need, then wait for 30 days. For 30 days, think if you really need the thing that you write down. Are you really needing it or ist because you want it? If you really need it then you can buy it.


Automatic Saving Plan with High-Interest Rate

One of the tips to save is to spare some money to be saved, not waiting for all of your needs to be fulfilled then make one. So, when you get your salary, you have to spare some money to be saved immediately. But if you can't do that, you can do automatic saving plan. So, if for some reason you can't save the amount you have to save, your money in your debit card will be cut immediately to make a saving. If you can't do that, the system will give a high-interest rate so you will have to save more later. 


Read Blogs

You can also get motivation other than from yourself. One of it is from financial blogs. You can read as many as you want so you can see people's experience with saving. With that, you will know that many people get many benefits with savings. 

From reading the blogs you can also see the ups and downs of other people. So, you can prevent the downs before it happens and not be panicked.

If you're confident enough in the future, you can make your own financial blog. Use that blog to share your financial stories. If many people read, followed and commented on your blog, you will be able to feel proud and make more savings. 

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Tell Your Friends or Family so They Can Help You

Feeling overwhelmed can be one of the motivations one needs. If you agree with that, you can use the feeling to make savings. Tell your family or friends so they can help you to make savings. Ask them to remind you that you have to save money. 

You can also help your friends to do it. As an alternative, you can make a saving competition between friends. This way you can stay motivated to make savings for some periods. 

There's not too late for saving. The faster, the better. We hope these tips can motivate you to make a better saving for your target and better financial future. Because having a saving is one of the reasons why people can have a better life in their life after they're old in the future. Happy saving!