This is Why Dollar Savings is  a Good Investment

There are so many things that you can do to make an investment. It's no doubt that investment is very tempting, especially when we remember the profit that we could get by doing it. One of the way to make an investment is using a bank. Bank helds a high reputation about investment. Not only because it can make you save your money, but also it manifests to become a profitable investment place. 

Bank also offers many investment products, one of the most profitable is dollar savings. Dollar itself is a profitable foreign currency, whether it's for holidays or schooling your kids on foreign country. You can use dollar as alternative to fulfill your daily needs. Here are some other things why you should make a dollar investment. 

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More Stable

One of the reason to be worried on saving in rupiah is inflation. Inflation can make the currency value went down. So, it could make your savings become unprofitable in the future, especially when you do it in a long term saving. This is the difference with dollar. Dollar is more stable than rupiah, makin you won't have to worry about the downfall in the currency value. 

One of the solid example is the crisis that happened in Indonesia in 1998. Rupiah currency value to dollar went down hill. So for you who have the dollar saving, this condition could be very profitable. Especially when you work in foreign country with dollar payment. So if you want to avoid the crazy inflation, you can use dollar saving as alternatve. 


Currency When You're Going to Foreign Country 

As a global currency, of course having dollar when you're in a foreign country is a good thing. Especially when you want to spend some money there. Whether it's for vacation or for business trip. There are so many transaction that you can do with ease when you have dollar in your pocket. Especially when the dollar value is higher than the current currency in the country you're visiting. 

Also, if you buy dollar when you're going out, the money you have to use to buy it will be quite big. But when you have dollar saving, you can use it easily when you're in foreign country. You don't have to make time to change your currency too.


Maximum Benefit When You're on Holiday or Umroh

Dollar that's a global currency can make you get maximum benefits. Especially when you're goint to holiday, hajj or umroh. With dollar saving, you don't have to be confused when you have to pay for the travel, because you don't have to count the currency from rupiah to dollar anymore.

As a global currency, you can use dollar and exchange it anywhere in the world. So you don't have to worry if you have 0 currency on the country your're visiting because you can always exchange with your dollars. 

Easy Money When You're Going to School in Foreign Country

If you're planning to school or sending your kids to school in foreign country, then dollar saving can help you. You can use it since rupiah value can be versatile at times. And many country use dollar as their college tuition payment. Even though some also use rupiah, but you must not take the risk of the inflation.

Dollar saving can helps you in many things. Not only about holiday or business trip, but also for school. But if you are still hesitant on how to do it, you can call use Tabungan Primadolar from Danamon. Danamon can give you more benefits of dollar saving and they will help you to make a planning for your saving. So what are you waiting for?