5 Things You Need to Purchase Before The Age of 35

How old are you right now? As you get older, you will have more need to fulfill. That’s why many people encourage you to prepare yourself as early as possible in order to meet those needs. One of many ways you can do is to buy investments on certain assets as some sorts of guarantee of your old days. It’s also better if you can purchase these assets before you reach the age of 35. What kind of assets are those?


1. Property

It goes without saying that every year the property’s value always experiences an increase. In 2017, the property price increased by 4,6%. This is the main reason why you’re recommended to purchase assets in property, whether it’s a house, apartment, or a land. Since the value of property keeps increasing, chances are you will be able to sell your property at a much higher price than when you purchase it. The quicker you decide to make a purchase on the property asset, the better it is since you won’t have to spend too many budgets.

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2. Investing in gold

Besides property, there’s still another asset which value also experiences an increase every year: gold! This asset investment can be a great option for those of you who are still in the early 20s and are trying to save money to make a property investment. In this case, it means investing in gold bars issued by PT ANTAM.
Before you make a purchase, you need to check the price of gold on the official website of PT ANTAM. This way, you’ll know if the price drops so that you can make a purchase as soon as possible. In the next few years, if the value of gold is rising, you can sell it back to gain profit.


3. Insurance

Right now you may already have an insurance from your workplace. However, it’s better if you have another personal insurance outside of work. Som of insurance products you can buy is health insurance, vehicle insurance, or property insurance. Having a personal insurance can help cover various risks so that you can live your life more peacefully. But you need to do some research before buying an insurance product. Find out how much you need to pay for the insurance premium and what kind of facilities you are going to receive. 


4. Pension funds

As you get older, the fitness of your body will slowly wear down. At one point you must retire from your work. When that happens, your income won’t be as much as you used to receive. On the other hand, you still need money to make ends meet. So, to make sure you’ll enjoy your retirement days, you need to make an investment since your early 20s.
For example, you can buy a house and turn it into a boarding home. So, when you retire from work, you’ll still get an income from your boarding home business. As another option, you can also buy an investment product that covers your pension funds. When you reach a retirement age, you can withdraw your insurance money.

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5. Private vehicle

Today, there are a lot of public transportation options we can choose in Indonesia. Not to mention the online ride-hailing service that makes our daily lives a bit better. However, having your own private vehicle such as cars or motorcycles as an investment is still worth considering. This allows you to have more flexibility when you need to go to various places. You don’t have to worry whether you will get a seat in the public transportation.
You don’t have to purchase the vehicle in cash, there’s an installment program that usually applies for five years. After you pay it all off, you can put your vehicle back in the sale and use the money to buy a new one. Besides for safety reasons, you can see this as a motivation to work harder so that you can purchase a better vehicle for investment.

Those are five things you need to purchase before 35. To help you put together a budget, you can open an account of Tabungan Cita2ku from Danamon. This savings product offers a tenure of 1-15 years with the same interest rate as a deposit. That means you can gain more money in a shorter period of time. So, how much preparation you’ve already done before you’re 35?