House or Apartment? Check These Infos Before Choosing One

House and apartment have the same function, to be a place to come home. But if someone must choose between having a house or buying an apartment, there are many things to consider before making a choice. That's not a bad thing since either buying house or apartment needs lots of money. So, you have to make some consideration before making a decision before choosing one. 

For you who lives in a big city, the apartment might be a good choice. But for you who think about making a big family, having a house might be a better option. If you still have battles like this inside your mind, some guide here might help you clear things up and make a choice. These are some information you should know before making the decision to buy a house or an apartment.


 Seeing Your Own Needs in the Future

There is so much money that you should have to buy an apartment or a house. That is why you must take a good consideration before choosing one. One of the consideration is seeing your own needs in the future. If you a have a partner, you can discuss this with them. What kind of home that you want to have and need. Remember, your home won't be with you for two or three days only.

That is why you must try to see what kind of things that you could get and what kind of things that you must pay when you choose one of the options. House and apartment got their own pros and cons. Even though they're both a place to live. You can think about what kind of lifestyle you want to lead when thinking about getting a house or an apartment. 

If you need a nice home with an affordable price, the apartment might be a good choice. Especially when it's usually located in a strategic place. But, the apartment usually got their own monthly fee, for the parking lot for example. You have to consider that before choosing it. If you think you're okay with it, it's better if you don't look for a house. If what you need is an apartment but you also try to seek information for houses, that could make you think about something irrelevant too much. 

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The Price

Of course, the price is one of the most important points in making this decision. You might have a dream to make a beautiful house that you want since you were little, but if you don't have enough money, it's not advised to take it. You can go to some exhibition and see the prices of each house or apartment. Some might not be located in the heart of the city but if the price is affordable, you might consider taking it. You must be realistic about spending money on the property.

But, if you think that living in an apartment is boring and the space is too small, taking a house in the outskirt of town might be a good choice. Especially when having a house had so many perks to begin with. You can also use home credits to buy it when you need a load. The certificate you get when you're having a house also could be a good money reservoir in dire needs. If your future plan is all about investment, then taking a house is a better choice. 



If you have a decent amount of money, there's no reason to not consider location as one of your consideration before making a choice. Usually, houses with strategic location will have a more expensive price. Knowing that the location usually took place in the heart of the city, near many facilities. But, even if expensive, living in the heart of the city has many perks, especially when you're mobile. 

Oleh karena itu, apabila Anda adalah seseorang dengan mobilitas yang tinggi, membeli hunian berupa apartemen bisa jadi pilihan yang paling tepat. Mengingat apartemen biasanya berada pada lokasi yang strategis di wilayah perkotaan. Sehingga bagi Anda yang bekerja, khususnya dekat dengan pusat kota, dari segi akses akan lebih mudah dan cepat bagi Anda untuk tinggal di apartemen. Namun, apabila Anda mendapatkan rumah yang lokasinya juga strategis dan memiliki harga yang mampu Anda keluarkan, rumah pun bisa tetap jadi pilihan.


Maintenance Cost

If you want to buy a home then you also have to consider its maintenance cost. This includes house maintenance and other things. Some apartment offers a free maintenance but then again, you will also need to pay some money for apartment facilities monthly.

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Status of Home Property


The last thing that you have to consider is about the status of the home property. If you decided to buy a house, you will also get the certificate of land ownership, but if you buy an apartment, then you will only have the room. This could be a big thing to consider before actually buying anything. Some people think that the land ownership is very important, but for some people having a place to live is more important for now. 

A house is quite expensive and some of the locations are not that good. But apartment also offers you less ownership. Now you have to give it a good thought before choosing anything. When you decided to buy one of it, you can use home credit from Danamon.

With Danamon KPR (home credit) facility, you won't only be able to make a loan to buy a house, but also for renovation and other housing needs. You will also be guided by Danamon to make a good decision before deciding to buy anything. So what are you waiting for?