Few tricks to apply for your first safe investment

Nowadays, there are so many people who want to invest. Investment is really easy to do and the profit prospect is big too. However, you cannot do that for the sake of do that, and if you don’t know how to do it safely. Especially if this is your first investment plan. For you who want to do safe investment, here are some ways to do investment safely!

Understand and decide the investment goals

There are so many type of investments, and it can be chosen according to your needs. One of the most popular investments in Indonesia right now is mutual funds. This strategic investment for investor, from institutional investor to individual, offers so many interesting benefits. If you are interested, you can find out more about mutual funds and decide your own investment goals.

To be able to decide your own investment goals, especially in mutual funds, you will decide how long you are going to invest. If your investment goal is clear, you can pick what to invest and how long you are going to invest, all based-on your goal. You should avoid investing without any goal. Especially if this is your first investment.


Understand the background of your chosen investment product 

If you are the first time investor, it is better for you to learn about background of your chosen investment product. This way, you can reduce the loss probability. You should decide which investment you can control, or you like. This will avoid you from confusion after investment. If you have less than Rp 10 million capital, there are three investment products you can try.

First is mutual fund. It is investment product where some investors will decide to invest together in investment instrument available in the market and buying the mutual fund. Second product is stock in the stock market, where you can buy your target company stock. Third product will be precious metal, where you can buy gold, then just wait until the price rising and just sell them again.


Pick trusted and authorized investment company 

If you want to do your first investment, you should pick trusted and authorized investment company to help you. You should consider investment company reputation to reduce the risk of losing money. Then, you should choose trusted investor manager and bank with good reputation. We suggest you to avoid investment product from small investment company without good credibility.

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Check for investment company’s management quality

If you want your first investment going smoothly, you should also check for your investment company’s management quality. You can look their track records or do a little googling. If you can pick a good investment company, they will help you to avoid some investment risk.
You should also pick company with a trusted management team, who are eager to give their best for their customers. You can try small investment first and look at how they treat you. That way, you can experience their service level with minimum risk.

When you decide to invest, there are so many things to consider. Investment is promising, but you should never skip the process. Pick the investment product that you need. Then, don’t forget to do some of the tips above to ensure you are safe for your first investment.

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