Fooled by fake discount? Here’s how to shop online safely at e-commerce

E-commerce shopping is so much fun. Especially when most of their products are being sold on discount. However, be careful with fake discount. E-commerce shopping must be done without rush. Do you want to do e-commerce shopping safely and comfortably? And not to repeat past mistakes? Here are some tips on how to make sure you are not being conned on e-commerce shopping!


Consider brand and website name

When you try to buy product from online shop, especially from unknown brand, you should research a bit about them first. You should try to check their listed phone number and check for its credibility. Try to Google it too and read reviews from their previous customers. 
After little research, if you read too many negative reviews, you should just leave the brand (or website) and simply move on to better known website. Usually, many unknown e-commerce brands try to get customer by giving large discounts. However, don’t get scammed! If that website has so many complaint and negative reviews from their previous customers, you should just leave them.


Read product description and photo 

Never in rush if you want to shop safely. Online shopping means easier way to shop, however, they have risk too. One of the biggest risks is you cannot see the product directly. This is very risky, since you may buy product that is not in your expectation. You will be disappointed, even though they offer big discount.
To avoid the risk, you should read product description and photo closely. Be careful with hugely discounted well-known brand. It probably fake, or even worse, scam effort from seller. Remember old saying, never trust “perfect offer”.


Consider seller reputation 

The safest way to do before online shopping is to consider seller reputation. You should only care about discount product from trusted seller. So, before you jump into interesting discount, you better to find out seller reputation, whether they have a good reputation or not.  
You can easily judge seller reputation from previous buyer testimony. However, you should be careful too. Some seller is actually buy testimony. Don’t worry, as long as you do your research thoroughly, though forum or e-commerce platform, you will get a grasp on their real reputation.


Compare with price before discount 

It’s rare, however, some of bad merchant still cheating. Before they offer big discount for their products, actually they already increase their product price before. This is common strategy to attract customers, you should not be interested with this fake discount. You should compare your desired product price in other e-commerce website so you can understand whether the discount offered is real or not.
After that, you can also compare the discounted price with price before discount. If the price difference is too large, you should be aware and think again. You can also find similar product price in another merchant just to find second opinion. If it’s too different, you should think back and consider whether the discount is real or just a scam.

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Use VPN if needed 

There are so many people use credit card to shop online. This is the easiest way to shop, however, be careful not to become victim. There are too many credit card scams through internet and online shopping. The scams through identity theft is really dangerous. Until now, there is no single entity that can 100% guarantee you to not become victim. 
So, make sure to take precaution when you buy anything online. One of the safest way to shop online is to use Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you want to buy something online, you should use VPN to ensure your transaction is under safe network. Since most of “too good to be true” discount is a scam, it’s better to use VPN to be on the safer side. Better to have umbrella before rain, right? 

Be careful to buy e-commerce product, especially those with crazy discount. You should make sure the discount is real and make your shopping experience safe and comfortable. Wants to maximize your online shopping safety and comfort? You should use D-Bank Danamon to make online payment easier, just by using your smartphone. Online transfer for shopping purpose is really easy and flexible using D-Mobile, it’s because Danamon understand you!